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Date: Mon Jul 11 1994 - 09:04:42 CDT

        Hi, SUN managers!
Thanks for all your replies. My question was how to work on SUN with
MS-DOS floppy not allowing to user to mount and unmout them.
        I've installed "mtools" and I think it's really the best for
the users.

"mtools" are at in /systems/gnu/mtools-2.0.7.tar.gz

Another suggestions:
1) 2 programs, allowing a normal user to mount/umount
   floppy and cdrom disks: smount, and mntdisk.
2) The program "sudo" will allow you to give SPECIFIED users SPECIFIC
   superuser capabilities.
3) A lot of setuid programs, shell scripts and so on. I can sent them,
   if anyone is interested to check them.

Thanks to:
        Dm.Makarov (
        Bob Shaw (
        Friedel Loinger (
        Mike Pearlman (
        Ric Anderson (ric@Artisoft.COM)
        Michael Covington (
        Jonathan Loh (
        Shawn P. Neugebauer (
        Mark Owens (
        Dan Stromberg - OAC-DCS (

Thank you.
        regards ####
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