SUMMARY: Problems with forwarding mail

From: Wolfgang Leideck (
Date: Mon Jul 11 1994 - 06:52:34 CDT

Thanks for your responses.

The original question was:

> Hello sun-managers.
> Under Solaris2.3 following problem appears:
> If i forward a mail from the mailtool (openwin 3.3)
> to another user which use emacs and vm5.72(beta) he
> will get two messages. One is from me with
> "----------Begin included message ------------"
> and one that is from the sender of the forwarded mail.
> If i send mail from a mailtool under Sunos4.1.3 everything
> works fine and the other user will get only one message with
> the forwarded mail included.
> Whats wrong?
The answer is:
Under Solaris2.3 /bin/mail doesn't include the messages with
quoting the "From"-line. But there is a another command
/bin/mailcompat which every user should be run. It creates
under the $HOME-directory a .forward-file with following entry
"|/usr/bin/mailcompat <user>"
<user> must be replaced with the users name.
Now all mail will be converted to SunOs4.1.x styled mail and the
included message will be quoted.


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