SUMMARY: CDC Wren VII "logical block size 1024 not supported"

From: Cameron Bromley (
Date: Fri Jul 08 1994 - 22:44:03 CDT

Original question:

> Hi,
> Advance summary: My CDC Wren VII 94601-12G 1GB won't format on a Sparc 10
(4.1.3) I keep getting low-level scsi
> errors. I think it's because the "logical block size 1024 is not supported",
but also think this is bogus because I
> have seen postings with references to this particular combination of hardware
being OK. I'm pretty sure my format.dat
> entry is OK, and the disk is OK.
> Can someone help??????? Please?
> Any clues greatly appreciated! I'll summarize, of course.
> Lengthy version:
> I'm trying to attach a CDC Wren VII 94601-12G 1GB drive (also known as a
Seagate ST41200N). I'm attempting to format
> it, but getting nowhere. I've looked in all the FAQ's, archives, etc and
whilst there are many different format.dat
> entries around, nobody metions the "logical block size 1024 not supported"
message which I suspect is my problem.
> Oddly enough (to me at least) the machine has assigned the disk to "sd16"
(it's scsi ID is 5). I changed to ID 5 after
> trying ID 3 (which resulted in the system assigning it to "sd2").
> < lots of error messages deleted >

Solution: The disk had been formatted by a different operating system
(NeXTSTEP) for bock sizes of 1024 bytes. SunOS uses 512 byte blocks and cannot
recognise 1024. Re-formatting disk with another tool such as the "scsifmt.exe"
program which comes with Adaptec's EZ-SCSI suite for DOS will re-format the
disk with 512 byet sectors. The disk can then be attached to a SunOS machine
and partitioned, etc.

Thanks to Mark Thomas <> for this sagely advice!

Thanks also to : (Jonathan Hue) (Woobin Lee)

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