SUMMARY: tty prompt

From: Ronald W. Henderson (
Date: Thu Jul 07 1994 - 20:12:43 CDT

Sun Managers:

I received responses from a few managers and they said they used the
admintool's serial port manager to change the login prompt. I was not
successful when I used the tool to change the prompt.

I finally tried to configure the port for hardwire
or a direct connection only. The prompt did change
when the port was configured in this mode. Apparently there must be
a bug in the ttymon process that issues a default "login: " prompt when
bidirectional mode of operation is configured for a port. If output only
is configured, I have been successful in changing the prompt.

Thanks to: - Alexandre Oliva (Dan Transue) - Michael A. Meystel

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>Sun Managers:
>I have not been successful under Solaris 2.3 to change the default login prompt
>on a serial port. I have used admintool's serial port manager. That did not
>work. I then proceeded to uses ttyadm. That did not work. I then manually
>edited the /etc/saf/zsmon/_pmtab file in the appropriated field for the
>prompt. That did not work. Has anybody successfully changed the default prompt
>on a tty port? I know you can use the -p option on ttymon to change the prompt,
>but how is this done thru the SAC? Thanks....

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