SUMMARY ypcat vs ypmatch

From: Jerry Springer (
Date: Thu Jul 07 1994 - 03:05:45 CDT

Original POosting:
>Why does the ypmatch make it appear that ppp is not in the map when the
>ypcat shows it. I even did a makedbm -u on the group.byname file and it
>shows ppp in there.

The majority response was to try ypcat -k to check on the keys.
I did that and everything looked normal.
What did end up working was I deleted the domainname directory under
/var/yp as well as all the *.time files and reran ypinit -m.

I had redone ypinit -m before, but that was without first deleting the
domainname directory under /var/yp.

Thanks to all who responded:
Dave Mitchell <> (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)
bern@penthesilea.Uni-Trier.DE (Jochen Bern) (Dan Zegarac) (David H. Brierley) (James Terry) (Birger A. Wathne)

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