SUMMARY: Workaround for network problems

From: Matt Reed (
Date: Wed Jul 06 1994 - 23:27:07 CDT

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> We have been experiencing network problems recently. When
> someone tries to ftp a file from a remote site, the connection is closed
> after a little while, with a message like:
> netin (42): Protocol not available
> 421 Service not available, remote server has closed connection
> We also sometimes get "Option not supported by protocol" messages. These
> problems occur on ftp, talk, and sendmail connections. People have also
> reported having trouble logging in to our system from remote sites via
> telnet or rlogin.
> We have a Sparcstation 2 server and other Sparcstation clients running SunOS
> 4.1.3. Other systems at our site which have had similar problems include
> several Dec-5000s running Ultrix, while an SGI machine running IRIX, several
> Dec-3000s running OSF/1, and networked Macintoshes have had no problems.
> We believe the problems are related to the recent slowness of our connection
> to the Internet. It has been suggested that maybe the non-BSD UNIX systems
> are more "error tolerant" with regard to this slowness.
> Has anyone seen a similar problem on Suns before? Does anyone know if there
> is something in the network configuration that can be changed to make SunOS
> more "error tolerant" and thus work around this problem?

It was suggested that problems like this could be caused by having a
firewall between the affected machines and the Internet, but that is not the
case at our site.

We will be trying a package called TCP+ that provides better TCP code for
the kernel, and hoping that our Internet connection improves soon.

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