SUMMARY: pseudo-diskless clients

Date: Wed Jul 06 1994 - 04:11:54 CDT

SUMMARY: pseudo-diskless clients

Thanks to all who submitted help to my problem.
My original posting was:

--> Hi sun-managers,
--> my question concerns SS10s under Solaris 2.3:
--> I've got a server station and several diskless clients.
--> The clients boot over Ethernet from the server (/export/...), that
--> works fine.
--> The application running on the clients needs AT THE MOMENT much swap
--> space, but will be tuned in the future to make do without it.
ore, hope it will work.


>From!mike_raffety Mon Jul 4 12:52:08 1994

Just re-build the client kernels, changing the "config" line ...


>From!casper Mon Jul 4 13:11:53 1994

in SunOS 4.1.x, a systems needs swap as soon as it is started.
With SunOS 5.x, there is no longer such requirement.

You can see this in the boot sequence: SunOS 4.1.x says ``root on ...
swap on ....''. SunOS 5.x will only say ``root on ...''.

Early on in the boot procedure, all swap files/devices listed in
/etc/vfstab will be mounted. It should be obvious now what you should
change: the lines in /etc/vfstab that specify swap. You may
also need to remove swap=<file> from the bootparams map.


>From!mueller Mon Jul 4 15:14:34 1994

Wie waere es, den Eintrag fuer swap in /etc/vfstab auf /dev/rsd0c zu
 aendern ?


>From!gdmr Mon Jul 4 15:28:24 1994

Just edit your client's /etc/vfstab.


>From!pluto!perryh Mon Jul 4 21:00:39 1994

I don't know the details for Solaris 2.x, but in SunOS 3.x or 4.x all
that would be required would be to change the swap specification in the
kernel configuration file and build a new kernel. As SVR4 is by and
large more easily configured than the older versions, it may be as
simple as changing an entry in /etc/inittab or /etc/init.d . You may
not even need to rebuild.


>From penthesilea.Uni-Trier.DE!bern Mon Jul 4 21:18:50 1994

Reconfigure the Kernel Description so that instead of

        config vmunix swap generic

it reads

        config vmunix swap on sd0b

(or wherever). Then make the Kernel and give it to the SS10.


--end of summary--

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