SUMMARY: fast find for Solaris 2.3

From: Randy Olsson (
Date: Wed Jul 06 1994 - 13:48:00 CDT

Orig question:

> I recently switched from Solaris 1.X to Solaris 2.3. I really miss having
> the fast find feature of find. (/usr/lib/find/, /usr/lib/find/
> updatedb).
> Is there any way to get this feature on Solaris 2.3? The man page for
> find says nothing about it.

There were several responses (too many to list). The general answers were:

1) get GNU find. It has a program called "locate" which does this.
(Many thanks to Ric Anderson for his notes on getting and building it)

2) use binary compatibility mode and copy the find from a 4.1.X workstation.

3) What is it? Fast find includes a database (/usr/lib/find/
and a program to update the database (/usr/lib/find/updatedb). Typically
you would set cron to run updatedb every night. Then if you use find as in
"find openwin" - the database will be consulted and every path name that
includes "openwin" will be displayed. Advantages: you don't have to know
the complete name, it is much faster (doesn't look through the whole disk),
and it displays every path with "openwin".

4) Kevin Inscoe says:
I ended up writing a cron job called findfiles that runs every night at 5am.
It does a find / -print > /etc/find.files. I wrote another csh script called
/usr/bin/xfind. It simply does a grep $1 /etc/find.files. This meets my needs ok
and duplicates the SunOS 4.1.3 behavior.

Many Thanks to all (too many to list).

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