SUMMARY: OpenWin crashes

From: Eric Maes (
Date: Mon Jul 04 1994 - 10:01:15 CDT

The original question:
Hello Managers,
Can I take advantage of your collective wisdom for the following...
Our Sparcstation 4/330 running 4.1.2 had a disk crash some time ago.
After restoring the / and /usr file systems on a new disk some problems
with OpenWin showed up.
1) When starting OpenWin we first get the message:
        sv_xv_sel_svc: Unable to remove "/tmp/.sv_xv_sel_svc"
        unlink: not owner
  I checked permissions on this file and they are rwx for all.
2) After OpenWin starts up, it usually crashes after a few operations
   like opening a window, with the following error message:
        /usr/openwin/bin/xinit: connection to X server lost
        XIO: fatal IO error 32 (Broken pipe) on X server ":0.0"
   This leaves a 10 Mb+ core file which apparently has no effect on the
   free disk space. A df before and after removing the core shows no

We also have a problem with the man command. Issuing the man command
results in the following:
        Reformatting page. Wait... Terminal -Tman unknown
The general consensus was that I should look at the permissions on the
/tmp directory. They should be drwxrwsrwt, which was the case...
I had run openwin as root which resulted in other users being unable to
remove /tmp/.sv_xv_sel_svc. I removed it as root and that seems to have
solved this particular problem.
As far as openwin crashing, this seems to have stabilized as well for no
apparent reason.
The man problem resulted from the fact that for one reason or another the
/usr/lib/term directory was not restored from tape after the crash.
Restoring it took care of that.

Thanks to the following:
John Goggin ltx!
Harish Malneedi
Doug Turley uusr656!
Joseph A. Mervini
Sumner Hushing
Uwe Lemgo
Eckhard Rueggeberg
Tilman Sommer
Peter Allan
Mike Raffety
Nico Garcia
Martin Achilli

Eric Maes
University of Gent
Renard Centre of Marine Geology

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