SUMMARY: SS10/512: Thermic problems

From: Guenter Millahn (
Date: Sun Jul 03 1994 - 08:18:51 CDT

Thanks to all the people who answered to my request:

        ld kelley <>
        criterion1! (Kurt Radtke)
        Chris Wozniak TISC <>

My original posting was:

> I have big problems with a SS10/512 during these hot days. My room has
> ~30 degrees celsius, and there is no chance to move to another room.
> I also cannot get an air condition as fast I need it.
> The SS10 has 2 processors, 2 2GB harddisks, prestoserve and GX accele-
> rators. I will move the disks to an external case but actually I
> haven't any.
> My question: Is there a posibility to minimize the cpu environment
> temerature using a peltier element, additional ventilators or similiar
> stuff.

There were very different replies, let me forward them (with comments).

From: criterion1! (Kurt Radtke)

> I do not know the technical answer to your question, but until you get one,
> try removing the cover. This will help a lot if you can both remove it and
> run without it safely. I realize space may be a problem, but thought I'd
> offer this anyway.

Comment: A service engineer told me that it's dangerous to remove the cover
        because the air blasted by the fans is no longer canalized to the
        cpu. The result can be a stowing of the heat, and the cpu will die
        a hero's death.
        Nevertheless, I removed the cover, and the machine worked fine since
        that time.

From: Chris Wozniak TISC <>

> With a good deal of experience in the warm climate :) I can safely
> recommend a couple of portable fans, positioned in such a way that
> one blows into the air intake grill, another just roughly at the
> computer to dissipate the heat. The computers are nowadays supposed
> to work up to 40 degs C, but remember that the temperature inside
> can be much higher than the air in your room.

From: ld kelley <>

> I have the identical configuration and I put two fans on the left side
> (my left while facing the front of the box) blowing to the left. This
> increases the air flow enough that the box is no longer warm to the
> touch. My office runs cooler that 30C, but the box was getting warm..

Comment: I'll try to get two additional fans for the left side of the
        system box. Another point is to install air condition in this
        room soon.

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