SUMMARY: le1 in SS2 does not work

From: Marc Fraioli (
Date: Thu Jul 07 1994 - 17:34:07 CDT

Thanks to all who responded to my query. The answer turned out to be
painfully simple. There are a set of dip switches on the card to specify
whether the AUI port or the cheapernet port should be used. We were
trying to use the AUI port, but the board was set for the cheapernet
port. The manual claimed that the AUI port was the default, which is
why we didn't examine the settings sooner. The manual was wrong. I
am still puzzled by why the packets actually not only got onto the
network, but could be seen by etherfind/snoop running on other hosts,
yet they were ignored by the programs they were intended for. A
bizarre response to an incorrect configuration. Anyway, we reset the
jumpers, and all works marvelously now. Thanks again to everyone who

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