SUMMARY: X25 8.0 on SS10

From: Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services (
Date: Mon Jun 20 1994 - 04:45:43 CDT

The problem we were seeing is a bug in X25 8.0. It turns out that the
patch info I gave wasn't quite correct. We had patches 101306-01 and
101263-04 installed.

When we tried to install 101524-01 (X.25 8.0 universal JUMBO Patch) it
gave an error with one of the files. The solution was to back out
101263-04 then reinstall 101524-01. This allowed pad to function
without giving the error message.

We still don't have the link working, but we think that this is due to
some configuration parameters not being exactly right. If any users
have got X25 8.0 up and running in Australia connecting to Austpac then
I'd love to hear from you. Working configuration files gratefully

Thanks to these sun-managers for their help and comments:

Eric Bernard
Michael Leo
Stefan Mayer

The original question is included below.


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> We have an SS10 running Solaris 2.3. The recommended 2.3 patches have > been installed. We are trying to get Sunlink X25 8.0 up and running but > are having problems. Patch 101524-01 (Sunlink X.25 8.0 universal JUMBO > Patch) has been installed with no change in the problem or symptom. > > The problem is that when we try to use 'pad' to conenct to a known X25 > site we get an error: > > pad i/o error open /dev/x25 failed, no such device or address > > (This message was given to me over the phone so the exact message might > be slightly different.) > > The X25 serial connection is to ttya on the SS10. ttyb is used for the > console. > > Any ideas, suggestion, patches, etc, gratefully accepted. Naturally > I'll summarise to the list.

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