SUMMARY: Printers under Solaris 2.3

From: Robert P. Weaver (
Date: Tue Jun 21 1994 - 01:43:20 CDT

    This may set some record for the longest time between a query and posting
the summary. Sorry, but I just got around to really working on this again.

    Several months ago I asked for help making a HP Laserjet III work properly
under Solaris 2.3.

    Several people sent me the correct answer, I just didn't take it far enough.
The right answer is: install the lp jumbo patch, in fact install all the
recommended patches. My problem was that I had installed the lp jumbo patch, it
just wasn't a new enough version. So, I can only repeat what I have seen here
a number of times, if you are having trouble with Solaris 2.3, first install the
latest version of at least the recommended patches, only if that fails begin to
look for the problem somewhere else.

    Here is the list of patches I am now using:

            101316-01 (socket library)
            101317-09 (lp jumbo patch)
            101318-45 (jumbo patch for kernel)
            101327-06 (security)
            101329-15 (jumbo NIS+ patch, etc)
            101331-03 (fixes for package utilities)
            101344-07 (jumbo NFS patch)
            101347-01 (mblk memory leak)
            101362-09 (OpenWindows 3.3, Server Jumbo Patch)
            101739-01 (sendmail jumbo patch)

    Note the version on the lp patch is now number 9.

    Thanks to:

            Ron Russell <>
   (Kemal Ciliz)
   (Dave Curado)
   (Steve Hanson)
   (Charles Mengel - LGI - Systems Eng Mgr)
   (John Bratchford)
            heas <>
            Christian Lawrence <>
            ed@magma.COM (Ed Romascan)
   (Mark Costello)
            David Fan <david@mrt.magma.COM>
   (Birger A. Wathne)

Bob Weaver

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