SUMMARY: NIS and DNS problem

From: David Brophy (
Date: Tue Jun 21 1994 - 19:36:08 CDT

I apologize for my slow response at getting this summary out, it took me
a while to work everything out.

------------------------ Original question -----------------------------
Hello Sun Managers.

We are running SunOS 4.1.1 on 3 Sparcs (4/380, Sparc 2 and Sparc SLC)
and access these with many PCs running PC-NFS 5.0. We have implemented
NIS with one master server, one slave server and one client. The
appropriate lines were added to the /etc/rc.local files so the NIS
programs start at boot time. We have recently connected to the Internet
so we are now running DNS.

Everything was working nicely until we rebooted the master. Now part
of NIS does not work. All of the NIS maps appear to get updated
properly. I can add a host to the /etc/hosts file, "make hosts" and
then check it with ypcat and the changed data is displayed. It appears
to work properly with all of the maps.

The part which does not work is the NIS interaction with DNS. We are
unable to ping, telnet or ftp to any remote hosts. If I specify the
IP number, everything works nicely, but specifying the name such as will not work. nslookup does work properly. I changed
/var/yp/Makefile so that "B=-b" is enabled.

I have checked the NIS and DNS documentation but have not been able to
figure this out. Any hints, tips or best of all solutions would be
greatly appreciated.


David Brophy
Systems Analyst
(905) 572-4491

Thanks to:
    Torsten Metzner <> (Gary Smith)

The solution, as suggested by Andrew, was that the NIS maps were now being
served from another server. That server did not have DNS configured. I
configured that server as a DNS secondary server and all is now well.

Gary Smith suggested that I get the latest version of BIND. I retrieved
BIND 4.8.3 but have not implemented it, however, all seems to be working

From: Torsten Metzner <>

Hello David,
do you have a /etc/resolv.conf file on your Sun's ?
E.g.our resolv.conf file looks like:

3: tom@plato[~]> more /etc/resolv.conf

Try: man resolv.conf
for more information.

Hope this helps,

From: (Gary Smith)


You are probably running the out-of-the box version of DNS that comes with SunOS. I recommend you get the latest version of BIND of the Internet and put it up. I recommend at least version 4.8.3. SunOS BIND is based on 4.8.1. BIND 4.8.3 works fine with NIS.

good luck


Did you check which server was being used (ypwhich)? I would guess that you
do not have resolv.conf on the *slave* server so when your cliemts switched
to the backup NIS server you lost access to your DNS service.


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