SUMMARY: Hard drive diagram archive?

Date: Thu Jun 16 1994 - 23:12:23 CDT

1. My specific drive is a CDC (Control Data Corporation), and
   CDC was acquired by Seagate. I called Seagate at (408)438-8222
   and I was faxed a jumper diagram.

2. No, there isn't any hard disk archive. Call up the
   manufacturer -- most of them will be happy to fax you
   a diagram of your particular disk. A list of manufacturer
   phone numbers is in the FAQ.

Original Question:

One of my Suns has an old CDC hard disk whose SCSI ID
I need to change. I could ask for a diagram of this
specific drive, but... does there exist an archive
of hard disk diagrams? Failing that, can I get this
information direct from CDC? (I know, for example,
that Maxtor has a fax-reply service for its hard disk

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