From: Robert Kryger (
Date: Thu Jun 23 1994 - 15:34:54 CDT

Yesterday I sent the message:

# Hello Mgrs!
# It seems to me that this might be a FAQ but I haven't found it anywhere.
# On systems running 4.1.3 we have some users which are members of many groups
# in the group file (NIS served) yet when you do a groups or id it only shows
# the first two, the primary and one other. To get other group access you
# must use newgrp. Why are not all of the groups listed and effective?

Turns out to be a very simple solution...
While I was looking at the NGROUP_MAX variable in the kernal and
another was looking at number of entries in the groups file and
the gid numbers (are they too large). A third SA found a blank
line at the end of the group file, deleted it and... TA-DA

Havn't looked at the details of why, I'm not sure that I want too...

Thanks for your suggestions: (ANDY KUMEDA)
Michael Covington <>
Rich Schultz <>

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