SUMMARY: How do you determine mem size and CPU type without dmesg

Date: Fri Jun 17 1994 - 00:44:47 CDT

The following summary is based on a request to get system information when your
messages file is full of junk.

There were many solutions offered, some home grown scripts and some suggested
dmesg|grep. The problem with dmesg and other solutions that rely on the
messages file is that the messages file was full of junk and dmesg only reads
that file.

Several of you suggested the SYSINFO product as a solution. I decided to get
the sysinfo product off the net. Sysinfo offered all the answers to my
questions and actually gave more info than I had hoped for.

I have included the ftp site information for sysinfo below. If you would like
a complete list of the 45 responces I received, please send e-mail to

Thank you to all that responded:

-Michael Clark

Michael A. Clark Systems Support and Distributions Section Manager (313) 994-3800 x 226 Voice
                        (313) 994-6418 Fax
Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. * 2301 Commonwealth Blvd * Ann Arbor, MI 48105


>Try "sysinfo", available via anon ftp at, I think,
>It also gives you lots of other juicy information about your system.

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