SUMMARY: CAP for Solaris 2.X

From: Mark Mellman (
Date: Mon Jun 20 1994 - 18:43:53 CDT

} Hey Managers,
} I have the majority of CAP compiled, but am having problems
} with aarpd (there are some include files that I do not have
} on my system).
} Does anyone know where I might be able to download the
} binaries for CAP for Solaris 2.X. I am in desperate need
} of a way to print to my Apple printers from my Sun network.
} If there are alternatives, please comment. The ways that
} I have heard are:
} netatalk
} Some sort of hardware.
} I'll be here banging my head against the wall waiting for
} you responses!!!

(6) Responses. Most offering a ftp site where I could download
thier Solaris 2.X CAP files.

I really wasn't looking forward to having to start over, but I
did and it really wasn't that painfull. I am now able to print
to my Apple printers on the network!!!!!

Thanks to:

Howard Modell
S. Cowles, PhD
John Justin Hough
Steve Elliott
Paulo Licio de Geus
Scott Hollatz

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