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Date: Mon Jun 20 1994 - 10:08:20 CDT

Original Question:

> We recently subnetted our network into two subnets using a Sparc 1+ with
> two ethernet ports. It seemed to be working OK till we decided to do
> development work on PC's also.
> These PC's are running Windows for Workgroup and sitting on the same
> ethernet segment as our Sun's..... Now PC's on one net cannot talk/see
> PC's on the other net.
> Q: Is there some way of making the Router-Sun to understand the NETBIOS
> packets and bridge them. OR will i need to buy a dedicated bridge
> to replace this Sun.

SUMMARY: NO, it is not possible to route NETBEUI packets and Buying a
         a Dedicated bridge is the solution.
         Microsoft also offers a TCP/IP wrapper but I do not have too
         much information on it.

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