SUMMARY: Benchmarks?

From: Mark Mellman (
Date: Mon Jun 20 1994 - 15:06:36 CDT

> We are currently looking to buy some high-end servers for complex
> decision computing. I have been told by different sources conflicting
> stories.
> Can someone explain the best method of comparing multi-cpu machines?
> What is the best benchmark? SPECRate_int92, SPECRate_fp92, TPC/C?
> Are benchmarks worth anything, or should I just invest the time to
> simulate the application and do my own benchmark?

I recieved 8 responses and 1 please forward.

All 8 replies said that I should invest the time in my own benchmark.
Some said that vendor benchmarks are for deciding which machines to bring
in and run your own benchmarks on.

Thanks to:

Tom Slezak
Ric Anderson
Jochen Bern
Eckhard Rueggeberg
Glenn Stachell
Larry Miller
Tim White
John Justin Hough

Mark Mellman
Network Systems Manager

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