SUMMARY : Seagate ST11200N1 on Solaris 1.1.1

From: Horst Simon (
Date: Thu Jun 23 1994 - 19:29:07 CDT

Hello Managers,
Thank you very much to all who responded it brought us on the
right track.
The problem was the SCSI Id on the drive. When you customer was
on Solaris 2.2 he used SCSI-Id 4 for its second disk. After reverting
back to 1.1.1, he forgot to change the ID for the Drive, to the
default value.

Thanks again.
Horst Simon

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The original question:
> Hello Sun Managers,
> I am not sure if this is the right system to ask this information, we
> not find an answer somewhere else.
> We have a customer who had to go backwards in Operating System to
Solaris 1.1.1,
> but now the system will not recognize the Seagate ST11200N1 SCSI
disk. and
> reconfig won't work. Are there any patches required? Any information
is appreciated.
> Thanks and Regards,
> Horst Simon
> Wang Australia
> email:

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