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From: Swee-Chuan Khoo (
Date: Mon Jun 20 1994 - 01:49:49 CDT

   Sorry about the very late summary. Tons of thing to do.
I've yet to solve the problem.
   Anyway, thanx for the help.

sc khoo

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Subject: dumping unnecessary partition
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Hi Sun Gurus,
   I have a question about the dump command we do to backup some important
partition. First the facts,
1) Hardware: 630MP, also the tape host
2) Software: running 4.1.2 ( minimum patch ), the backup is run by cron.
   NIS/NFS server.

   The backup consist of six command to backup six different partition in
three different host ( 2 each ). Basically we append each partition after
another in the same tape.
   Problem : When we used the interactive restore to check what is backup,
we found out that total number of partition backup is more than six, the
extra are from other host which is not from the list of host to be backup.
Local vendor suggested that we bootup single user, which is not possible
in our case because we are supporting 24hrs production.
   Any people have this same experience, please help.
   If I receive sufficient help, I'll summarize.

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From: (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

Maybe there is a cron job on another machine which also does a backup
to your tape drive? Maybe look at the root crontab file on the extra
machines which are writing to the tape to see if one of those machines
is also doing a backup.

From: (David Weitzel)

Have you ever dumped the 6 filesystems to the tape
previously and in addition, dumped a file system from the
host not currently in the back up list to this tape?

From: hkatz@NUCMED.MED.NYU.EDU (Henry Katz)

Since you do not offer you cron file nor the script responsible for the
backup one can only suggest you log the output from the cron job and
examine it.

From: raoul@MIT.EDU

Hmmm. Unless you actually wipe off old dumps, the old ones will remain.
They'll be tough to access because you'll have trouble finding
the start of the partition, but they'll stay. Ignore them.

If you want to dump *only* specific partitions, on specific hosts, I
don't see how you wound up with extras. Are you running a script with
incorrect entries? And do you want a copy of my exabyte dumping scripts,
designed to "do the right thing" in adding partitions to tapes?

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