SUMMARY : PC-NFS 5.0 troubles

From: Charles Mengel - LGI - Systems Eng Mgr (
Date: Mon Jun 13 1994 - 20:27:12 CDT


Sorry for not getting this SUMMARY out to all of you earlier, but I literally
just this morning satisfied myself that everything now works.

Sun support "fell down" on this one; they stopped returning our calls to check
status. Just a minor editorial comment - Sun is turning into the type of
company they railed against about 10 years ago.

The original post was:

> I have 2 problems with PC-NFS 5.0. The host system is a SS2, 4.1.2, 64 MB,
> 100075-11 the only patch
> 1 - After upgrading a 4.0 client to 5.0, they started getting frequent crashes.
> There seems to be no pattern - telnet, virtual drive, or just booting does
> it. the DOS is 5.0, the card is SMC Elite Combo, and it dies using both
> NDIS and the WD8003 drivers. Any takers on this one? Sun has had it for
> 4 days with no resolution.
> 2 - I have heard that there is a way to print to a locally attached PC printer
> While in TELNET without using the giant TSR that spools it to the
> Sun then back again. The idea is that it's like a printer attached to a
> dumb terminal's printer port. Anybody got this trick working?
> Thanks for all the help!

As for problem #1, the only thing that fixed this was upgrading to PC-NFS 5.1.
A Sun rep said that 5.1 telnet was much different from 5.0. Sun support, like
I said, stopped returning calls, so we don't have any definitive info on these
changes. We have had 3 days without a crash, compared to many crashed a day.

Problem #2 - There is new functionality to 5.0 and 5.1 that does allow printing
to locally attached printers in a mode very much like a printer attached to
a dumb terminal. The "F2" key is the "print-screen" key. and you can have a
continuous print function as well. I you want to actually spool a print job,
you will have to continue to use the giant TSR to print.

Thanks to all who replyed:
Ingolfur Hardarson
Gautam Das
Mike Cross
Claude Marinier
Dave Fetrow

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