SUMMARY: PC-NFS, hub etc.

From: Chris Wozniak TISC (
Date: Mon Jun 13 1994 - 01:25:28 CDT

Thanx a lot to all who replied to my query.
Most of the received suggestions were about the physical connections
(cabling, transceivers) and the minority about set-upand addressing.
I think that I can exclude the problem as being with either of
those after testing different wiring configurations and routing
set-ups. Since I posted my query I installed WfW 3.11 and the beta
version of Miscrosoft Daytona TCP/IP on one of the PCs that refused
to talk to the server and guess what - IT WORKS proving that there is
a bug in PC-NFS TCP/IP implementation. Looks like
the PC-NFS will go overboard shortly as it is bug ridden and slow.
(See numerous postings about PC-NFS logging in problems etc.)
Now only to get the replacement budgeted ..... :(.

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