SUMMARY: NIS problems--help!

From: Tanya Herlick (
Date: Sun Jun 12 1994 - 11:43:17 CDT

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SOLUTION: What actually fixed it was removing all contents of the original
/var/yp directory (except the makefile) and reinitializing the master server.

One of the problems was that since NIS wasn't working, syslog didn't work
and that hindered debugging. Once I disabled NIS altogether I discovered
these syslog errors:

syslog: ypserv: access denied for (that's the IP address of
the master and the client in this case)

By this time I had fixed the problem so I didn't figure out why access was
being denied in this case.

Thanks everyone for prompt replies! They can be summed up as follows:

1) Check the contents of the ypservers file using makedbm -u (I had done that
and it was in tact).

2) Make sure you're using the server you think you are "ypwhich -m"
(We have only one server running on our net)

3) Make sure the DIR and PWDIR variables in the Makefile are pointing to the
correct places. (they were)

Jeff Bacon (
David St. Pierre (david@srv.PacBell.COM)
Barry Margolin (barmar@Think.COM)
Florian Meyer ( (

And thanks in advance to all the people who have not yet replied but
will before they receive this summary.

On Jun 11, 1:15pm, Tanya Herlick wrote:
> Subject: NIS problems--help!
> I just upgraded from 4.1.3 to 4.1.3_u1 and now NIS won't work!
> Here's what happens. When I try to make any of the maps, I get
> this:
> ruby# make
> updated group
> Can't build server list from map "ypservers". Reason: no such map
> in server's domain.
> (other junk about make failing)
> This is the basic error. The problem is, the map appears to be there!
> ruby# domainname
> ruby# ls /var/yp/*
> /var/yp/ /var/yp/
> I can't seem to access any of the maps:
> ruby# ypcat passwd
> no such map in server's domain
> Even though they seem to be there.
> I've done ypinit -m a couple times. No errors.
> I can't figure out where the yp binaries are looking for the
> maps if not in /var/yp/ It used to work.
> I've checked the sun-managers archives and the NIS and NFS O'Reilly
> book, and I've read the man pages, but I must be missing something.
> Has anybody seen and solved this problem?
> Please reply to Thanks in advance.
>-- End of excerpt from Tanya Herlick

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