SUMMARY: Sparc20: no frame buffer

From: Steve Swaney (
Date: Sat Jun 11 1994 - 16:07:36 CDT

Dear fellow admins,

In just under 3 hours the right answer.

the problem:

>Just received our first load of Sparc 20's. They appear to be incorrectly
>configured by the distributor. When booting we receive the message:

> No default framebuffer found

>The systems appear to have video memory installed (I know that 20's don't ship
>with on-board video if you order with a s-bus video option), so I suspect that
>eeprom is incorrectly configured.

The first correct solution from Dave Kemp
You should have left solaris installed. 4.1.3 doesn't support the
SX (cg14) framebuffer. It will, however, support GX (cg6) graphics
on the SS20, so if you must use the old OS you could yank the VSIMMS
and install GX cards.

This was just hashed out on comp.sys.sun.admin, so you'll probably
get 50 answers like this.

   Dave Kemp

I'm a dummy. I now remember reading about the problem. I would have preferred to leave Solaris installed but management and locally developed apps won't permit. 50 answers are better than suffering.

We also got some model 20's with 4.1.3 installed from the distributor without cgsixes, but they sent the monitors anyway.

Thanx also to the other respondents who pointed out my error. Now to find 20 cgsixes on a Saturday.

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