SUMMARY:What does this error message mean to you?

Date: Sat Jun 11 1994 - 03:18:52 CDT


Thanks for all of the responses. My original post:

>The following error message keeps appearing in the console of a
>IPX machine on our system. Yesterday, the machine re-booted
>twice. Is one of the memory chips bad? If so, is there a better
>method than trial and error for locating the offending SIMM?

>Parity error reported at 0xf774e363, actual address is 0xf774e374.
>Parity Error, ctx = 0x3, virt addr = 0xf774e374
>pme = 82003976, phys addr = 3976374
>Parity Error Register 9f<ERROR,CHECK,ERR00,ERR08,ERR16,ERR24>
> bad module/chip at: U307
> bad module/chip at: U307
> bad module/chip at: U307
> bad module/chip at: U307
>parity error at 3976374 is transient.
>page 3976000 back in service.
>System operation can continue

I looked in the hardware manual for the IPX and, lo and behold, I
found a diagram of the memory banks noting where U307 is. The
offending SIMM was removed and a new one is on it's way.

Thanks to the following people:
hanson@pogo.fnal.go (great illustration Roger!) (thanks for the illustration Vincent!)
athena!! (great illustration John!) (thanks for the listing of the slots!)

D. Peter Sardella Martin Marietta, M&DS
Valley Forge, PA USA

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