SUMMARY: ISDN Product Information

From: Ott, Randy (
Date: Fri Jun 10 1994 - 23:30:27 CDT

I apologize for the lateness and the terseness of this summary.

Here is the information I received. There are several vendors
who have ISDN bridges. All can run data over both B channels
but some have limitations. All can filter out types of packets
(IP, IPX, etc) but none can filter out broadcast packets for IP
or IPX. Here are the vendors:

Combinet 408-522-9020 From $995
Digiboard 612-943-9020 From $1695
Gandalf 609-424-9400 From $2695

I'm sure the big router boys (Cisco, etc) offer ISDN routers, but
I did not check into them. One low cost router I did look into
was from Ascend. It routes IP with IPX and Appletalk planned in the
near future. I also costs less than $1500. Their number is
800-621-9578. It looked very promising.

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