From: David Paris (
Date: Thu Jun 09 1994 - 14:36:39 CDT

SUMMARY: Re: Memory Installation Problem

PROBLEM: Additional 16M of RAM installed, but machine was unable to make use
          of it. Memory shown as available at boot time, but yields "Out of
          memory errors" upon reaching 24M of usage. A look at ps(1) shows
          only the 24M in use despite 36M supposedly available.

SOLUTION: It would appear that it was not simply a matter of more physical
          memory needed, but also of more swap space to match. This can
          be corrected either by increasing the size of your swap partition
          (default under SunOS 4.1.3 is partition b on the internal drive)
          or using mkfile(8) to create an additional one and then adding it to

THANKS: To all those who responded!

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