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Date: Thu Jun 09 1994 - 00:48:54 CDT

Original question:

> Hello everyone,
> Does anyone know how to enable the on-board SX video port on a Sparc 20 TX
> workstation? The workstation came with a Turbo GX S-Bus video card and that
> seems to work fine. However, if I remove the S-Bus video card and connect
> the monitor to the video port on the mother board, I do not get any video.
> Is this 'on-board' video port suppose to work? According to a Sun Engineer,
> I should be able to use either video ports. I've tried this on two new systems
> and they both fail to work. The systems boot up fine, but there is no console
> video and dmesg does not report an video devices.
> Thanks in advance,
> --Arnold


Essentially, Sparc 20's which are shipped with other graphics options do not
come with VRAM for the on-board SX video port. Such VRAM can be ordered in
4MB and 8MB SIMMS configurations.

Thanks to all who replied: (Doug Jones) (Barnes William)
drd@Access.COM (David Deardoff) (Lewis E. Wolfgang) (Paul Dodd)

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