SUMMARY: printing to Apple LaserWriter Pro 630 from Sun thru CAP

From: Michael A. Meystel (
Date: Mon Jun 06 1994 - 19:50:28 CDT


Sorry for the delay in summarizing.

The original question:

>Does anyone know of a seamless way to integrate an Apple LaserWriter on
>EtherTalk with a SS10 in such a way that the LW has a printcap entry and
>files are spooled on the Sun, and ASCII can be printed without the painful
>procedure of pumping it through either mp or enscript?

The basic idea is to use papif, not lwpr as I was previously trying, and to
set up a printcap entry similar to the following:

# Apple LasterWriter Pro 630 Ethernet printer
apple|Apple|Appleps|appleps|LaserWriter Pro 630:\

Where the if points to a script which checks if the file is ASCII, and if so,
converts it to PostScript, otherwise just passes it to papif.

I managed to set up the printcap entry as people suggested, but none of the
if scripts suggested worked for me.

If anyone is interested in seeing full replies (there are 23 of them) I can
e-mail them at your request.

Thanks to (Per Hedeland) (Iain Lockyer)
juerg <>
Martin Achilli <ACHILLM%IMIHSRA.bitnet@ICINECA.CINECA.IT> (Maria A. Barnum)
Joseph McPherson <>
"Frederic Piard" <>
Ted Nolan SRI Ft Gordon <>
raoul@MIT.EDU (John Justin Hough) (Marisa H. Pfalzgraf)
Daryl Doami <74140.3553@CompuServe.COM>
JC Touvet <>
John Valdes <>
Wei-Yeh Lee <>
Yury Dubinsky <> (Don Lewis)
crane%cadlab.ECE.Drexel.EDU@CoE.Drexel.EDU (Richard Crane)
Canan Eren <>


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