SUMMARY: trouble doing ypinit -s across router

Date: Mon Jun 06 1994 - 11:35:15 CDT

SUMMARY: trouble doing ypinit -s across router

Thanks to all who responded so quickly and constructively.

The correct answer came from three folks:
david@srv.PacBell.COM (David St. Pierre) (Michael Pavlov)
Katherine Hosch <>

Thanks also to the following for good advice:
Dave Fetrow <> (Andy Kumeda) (Edward Resnick - Sys Adm Team (1723))
Mike Raffety <>

The problem stemmed from the fact that there was no entry for the new
network in /var/yp/securenets.
This file is part of the ypserv, ypxfrd, and portmap security patch
Adding an entry for the new net in this file and then restarting ypserv
and ypxfrd on the NIS master fixed the problem.

The original post is included below.

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> Subject: trouble doing ypinit -s across router
> Having trouble doing ypinit -s across router.
> The situation is this.
> Master YP server Sun 4/490 running SunOS 4.1.1B (running NIS, NOT NIS+)
> Attempting to bring up slave YP server Sun 4/LX running SunOS 4.1.3_U1B.
> There is a Cisco AGS+ router between the two machines.
> In other situations, when trying to do ypinit -s across a router,
> I have used the following procedure successfully:
> 1- on YP master add new YP slave name to ypservers using makedbm
> 1- boot machine to be yp slave server up in single user
> 2- add YP master machine to /etc/hosts on yp slave
> 3- ifconfig, add default routes, etc on yp slave until can ping
> between machines
> 4- on machine to be slave yp server, do all of the following:
> 5- /usr/etc/portmap
> 6- set domainname with domainname <YP domain name>
> 7- /usr/etc/ypbind -ypsetme
> 8- /usr/etc/yp/ypset <IP address of YP master>
> 9- cd /var/yp
> 10- /usr/etc/yp/ypinit -s <YP master>
> After answering ypinit questions, the maps transfer and then I reboot
> multiuser and all is well.
> In this situation, however, after doing all of the above,
> the maps do not transfer. The following errors show on the
> YP slave machine:
> transfering netgroup.byhost . . .
> (info) can't get secure flag from ypserv at <YP master>
> Reason: no such map in server's domain
> (info) can't get interdomain flag from ypserv at <YP master>
> Reason: no such map in server's domain
> (lines like the above for each map on the YP master)
> and on YP master's console I get the following:
> syslog: ypserv: access denied for <IP address of YP slave>
> I can ping between the two machines in either direction.
> I can rlogin to the YP master from the YP slave.
> However, I can not login to the YP slave from the YP master
> (the slave's up in single user, so I assume this would be expected)
> Both machines are in DNS, and the master can resolve the slave's name.
> I have attempted rebooting the YP master, but that made no difference.
> Have also added entries in /.rhosts and hosts.equiv.
> Any ideas? Suggestions?
> What am I overlooking?
> Thanks, and I will summarize.

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