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Date: Mon Jun 06 1994 - 19:42:04 CDT

Original Query :

->Greetings !
->I am looking for a sensor to give me feedback on ambient temperature
->for a pizza box (SS10/20). I think I have seen something in the past
->that attached to a serial port and had limited intelligence (similar
->to say UPS).
->Does anyone have any info/experience with these devices ?

I got several useful replies which fell basically into 2 categories :
low cost add-on units and full blown room/environment sensors. I'm
only interested in the former which are :

- WizTemp from Network Wizards (415-326-2060 -

  This is the unit I was thinking about. For about $ 250 you
  get a sensor that attaches to any serial port, monitor/daemon
  software, charting/graphing software (X11/postscript), scripting
  capability to trigger alarms.

- "El Cheapo" from Mark Johnson

  This is the do-it-yourself version. A combination of intructions and
  software to help you build your own interface for the audio jack at
  very low cost - assuming your spare time is free. Believe you can pick
  this up as thermo.tar.Z on the net.....or I can forward it to you.

- SAM from Intra Computer (718-297-5000)

  This box is more pricey but can handle alternate/multiple inputs
  such as humidty, power airflow, water, etc.

- HOBO-TEMP from Onset Computer (508-563-9000)

  Onset appears to have a full line of probes. For example, temperature
  can be air, water, high temp (>500 degC), meat carcass, etc.. They also
  have humidty, pressure, light, salinity, motion, current, CO2, CO.
  Looks like software is DOS/Mac ready but not sure how much is involved
  in getting it running on a Sun - although interface is also serial.

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