SUMMARY #2 pop for solaris and c2

From: John Hammersmith (
Date: Mon Jun 06 1994 - 06:38:59 CDT

Original question:
>Sun Managers,
>Does any one know how to get POP 3 (Post Office Protocol) working on a Sun
>running Solaris 2.3 with C2 security?
>The problem is that the code (popper1.83) uses getpwnam to compare the user
>supplied password with the password file. Trouble is that this does not get
>the password from the shadow file hence there is no match...

Original answer (from myself):
The answer: Modify the source to use the getspnam (get shadow password by
name) instead of getpwnam and recompile.

Extra answers:
I modified the source to pop for myself but others have indicated that they
would like this too. Rather than provide my modified sources I point to an
ftp site where the source exists with these mods. I have also compiled and
tested this code and it seems to be fine.

So: from Mike Frank
>FTP to and you'll find a version
>of popper already setup for Solaris 2.
>Good Luck

Thanks also to these Sun Managers who replied:
Mitch Wright <>
emsca!soporte! (Juan Alexander Pulido (emsca))
Phil Antoine <antoine@RadOnc.Duke.EDU>
Paul Humphries paul@hydres.uucp (Ulla Fischer)
garrett@sciences.SDSU.Edu (Garrett D'Amore)

John Hammersmith

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