SUMMARY: pop for solaris and c2

From: John Hammersmith (
Date: Sat Jun 04 1994 - 07:59:05 CDT

>Sun Managers,
>Does any one know how to get POP 3 (Post Office Protocol) working on a Sun
>running Solaris 2.3 with C2 security?
>The problem is that the code (popper1.83) uses getpwnam to compare the user
>supplied password with the password file. Trouble is that this does not get
>the password from the shadow file hence there is no match...

The answer: Modify the source to use the getspnam (get shadow password by
name) instead of getpwnam and recompile.
Sorry about the rhetoric nature of this question answered myself. Still
maybe someone will find this usefull.

John Hammersmith

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