Summary: Ethernet MAC Addresses by vendor

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Date: Fri Jun 03 1994 - 01:17:40 CDT

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My original posting:

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> Subject: Ethernet MAC Addresses by vendor
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> Does anyone know of a location or have a copy of the MAC addresses by vendor? i.e. 8:00:20 = Sun.
> Summary to follow. Thanks.
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The overwhelming response that I got was to get a file via anonymous ftp from: /pub/map/EtherNet-codes (I've appended a copy for anyone who may need it in the future.)

Also, other place's to look at are:
 O'Reilly's TCP/IP Network Administration
 freeware program "etherman"

Thanks goes to: (Dan Lorenzini) (Michael G. Harrington)
"Dave Twinam" <> (Phil Hubbard x6177)
"Fuat C. Baran" <>
x092306@hyperion.LANL.GOV (Jerry Weber C-8/IS-5) (Jeff Wade x5117) (David B. Brown)

 Bob Donnelly - Systems Engineer
 Hale and Dorr
 1455 Pennsylvania Ave NW
 Washington, DC 20004

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List of codes used on 802.3 and EtherNet networks.

Last update: 8-Apr-93

This file contains collected information on the various codes used on
IEEE 802.3 and EtherNet. There are three "pages", type codes, vendor
codes, and the uses of multicast (including broadcast) addresses. I
wish to thank the contributors, some are listed below and there are
almost certainly others that I have missed. A complete up-to-date
copy of this file may always be obtained with anonymous FTP from
FTP.LCS.MIT.Edu with the name pub/map/EtherNet-codes. Since this
information is from collected wisdom, there are certainly omissions.
I welcome any further additions which can be sent to me at

  /| /| /| \ Michael A. Patton, Network Manager
 / | / | /_|__/ Laboratory for Computer Science
/ |/ |/ |atton Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This document started as a copy of one posted by Walter Urbaniak at
BBN. Additions and corrections have been freely contributed by the
following (as well as others whose names are forgotten):

Jeff Beadles Tektronix
Andrew E. Birner Zenith Electronics
Steve Boyd DSTO Materials Res.
Brent Callaghan Sun
?? Caloccia (?) Stratus Computer, Inc.
Bob Clements BBN
Matt Crawford Fermilab
W. Tait Cyrus Univ. of New Mexico
Johannes Demel Technical Univ. Vienna
Ian Doak Newcastle Univ. (UK)
Mohamed el Lozy Harvard University
Brett Engel Motorola Computer Group
Robert M. Enger ANS
Jan Engvald Lund Univ. Comp. Ctr
Tom Fitzgerald Wang Labs
Jim Geier SHARP HealthCare
Tom Graham HP
Andrew R. Gray Crosfield Electronics
Bruce Hafford Gordian
Patricia Hanagan FTP Software Inc.
Mente H. Heemstra State Univ. Groningen HEEMSTRA@RC.RUG.NL
Anders Hillbo ??
Charles Holmes TRW, Inc.
Stephen Hope ??
H.A. Kippenhan Jr. Fermi Nat'l Accel. Lab. Kippenhan@FNDCD.FNAL.GOV
Przemek Klosowski NIST
Samuel Lam CTI
Craig Leres Lawrence Berkeley Labs
Bill Lidinsky IEEE 802.1 committee ??
John Robert LoVerso Xylogics, Inc. xylogics!
Charles T. Lukaszewski Open Systems Architects
Malcolm McKenzie Aus. Inst. of Marine S.
Tom Mehertens Motorola
Kurt Melden Cascade Communications
Richard Milward UNC-Chapel Hill
Stephen Northcott (??) US Navy (??)
Paul O'Neill Oregon State Univ.
Bruce Orchard ???
Michael Patton MIT Lab. for Comp. Sci. MAP@LCS.MIT.Edu
Craig Paul Univ. Kansas(?)
Jon Postel ISI (IANA) IANA@ISI.Edu
Bill Russell NYU
Phillip A. Remaker cisco Systems
Joyce Reynolds ISI (IANA) IANA@ISI.Edu
Dan Romascanu LANNET Data Comm., Ltd.
Jay Rosenbloom Univ. of Wisc.-Madison
Harry Saal Network General
Michael A. Shiels ???
Bill Sommerfeld MIT Project Athena
Hans van Staveren Vrije Universiteit
Galen Tackett Lockheed
Chris Tengi Princeton
Brian Toomey Chipcom Corp.
Mark Treacy Labtam Australia
Robert Ullmann Prime Computer, Inc.
Walter Urbaniak BBN Urbaniak@BBN.COM
Margot Utterback Harvard University
James B. VanBokkelen FTP Software Inc.
David E A Wilson Univ. of Wollongong
R Brett Wormley Raycom Systems csun!raycom!brettw
Marc E. Zorn TRW, Inc.
"Type" Fields

The 13th and 14th octets of an Ethernet or IEEE802.3 packet (after
the preamble) consist of the "Ethernet Type" or "IEEE802.3 Length"
field. The "Ethernet Type" values are managed by XEROX. Some
assignments are public (see + below), others private. Current
information includes: Xerox Public Ethernet Packet Type
documentation(Xerox Courier Vol. 3 Issue 4 October 1988); IEEE802.3
Std; NIC RFC1010; contributions from network managers and vendors.

Note Hex
@ 0000-05DC IEEE802.3 Length Field (0.:1500.)
+ 0101-01FF Experimental
     0200 Xerox PUP (conflicts with 802.3 Length Field range) (see 0A00)
     0201 Xerox PUP Address Translation (conflicts ...) (see 0A01)
     0400 Nixdorf (conflicts with 802.3 Length Field)
+* 0600 Xerox NS IDP
     0601 XNS Address Translation (3Mb only)
+*# 0800 DOD Internet Protocol (IP)
+ 0801 X.75 Internet
+ 0802 NBS Internet
+ 0803 ECMA Internet
+ 0804 CHAOSnet
+ 0805 X.25 Level 3
+* 0806 Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) (for IP and for CHAOS)
     0807 XNS Compatibility
     081C Symbolics Private
+ 0888-088A Xyplex
     0900 Ungermann-Bass network debugger
     0A00 Xerox IEEE802.3 PUP
     0A01 Xerox IEEE802.3 PUP Address Translation
     0BAD Banyan Systems
     0BAF Banyon VINES Echo
     1000 Berkeley Trailer negotiation
     1001-100F Berkeley Trailer encapsulation for IP
     1234 DCA - Multicast
* 1600 VALID system protocol
     1989 Artificial Horizons ("Aviator" dogfight simulator [on Sun])
     3C00 3Com NBP virtual circuit datagram (like XNS SPP) not registered
     3C01 3Com NBP System control datagram not registered
     3C02 3Com NBP Connect request (virtual cct) not registered
     3C03 3Com NBP Connect repsonse not registered
     3C04 3Com NBP Connect complete not registered
     3C05 3Com NBP Close request (virtual cct) not registered
     3C06 3Com NBP Close response not registered
     3C07 3Com NBP Datagram (like XNS IDP) not registered
     3C08 3Com NBP Datagram broadcast not registered
     3C09 3Com NBP Claim NetBIOS name not registered
     3C0A 3Com NBP Delete Netbios name not registered
     3C0B 3Com NBP Remote adaptor status request not registered
     3C0C 3Com NBP Remote adaptor response not registered
     3C0D 3Com NBP Reset not registered
     4242 PCS Basic Block Protocol
     4321 THD - Diddle
% 5208 BBN Simnet Private
     6000 DEC unassigned, experimental
     6001 DEC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP) Dump/Load Assistance
     6002 DEC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP) Remote Console
     6003 DECNET Phase IV, DNA Routing
     6004 DEC Local Area Transport (LAT)
     6005 DEC diagnostic protocol (at interface initialization?)
     6006 DEC customer protocol
     6007 DEC Local Area VAX Cluster (LAVC), System Communication Architecture (SCA)
     6008 DEC unassigned (AMBER?)
     6009 DEC unassigned (MUMPS?)
+ 6010-6014 3Com Corporation
     7000 Ungermann-Bass download
     7001 Ungermann-Bass NIUs
     7002 Ungermann-Bass diagnostic/loopback
     7003 Ungermann-Bass ??? (NMC to/from UB Bridge)
     7005 Ungermann-Bass Bridge Spanning Tree
     7007 OS/9 Microware
     7009 OS/9 Net?
+ 7020-7029 LRT (England) (now Sintrom)
     7030 Racal-Interlan
     7031 Prime NTS (Network Terminal Service)
     7034 Cabletron
     8003 Cronus VLN
     8004 Cronus Direct
     8005 HP Probe protocol
+ 8006 Nestar
+ 8008 AT&T/Stanford Univ. Local use
     8010 Excelan
+ 8013 Silicon Graphics diagnostic
+ 8014 Silicon Graphics network games
+ 8015 Silicon Graphics reserved
+ 8016 Silicon Graphics XNS NameServer, bounce server
+ 8019 Apollo DOMAIN
+ 802E Tymshare
+ 802F Tigan, Inc.
+ 8035 Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP)
+ 8036 Aeonic Systems
     8037 IPX (Novell Netware?)
     8038 DEC LanBridge Management
     8039 DEC DSM/DDP
     803A DEC unassigned (Argonaut Console?)
     803B DEC unassigned (VAXELN?)
     803C DEC unassigned (NMSV? DNA Naming Service?)
     803D DEC Ethernet CSMA/CD Encryption Protocol
     803E DEC Distributed Time Service
     803F DEC LAN Traffic Monitor Protocol
     8040 DEC unassigned (NetBios Emulator?)
     8041 DEC unassigned (MS/DOS?, Local Area System Transport?)
     8042 DEC unassigned
+ 8044 Planning Research Corp.
+ 8046 AT&T
+ 8047 AT&T
     8048 DEC Availability Manager for Distributed Systems DECamds
+ 8049 ExperData
+ 805B VMTP (Versatile Message Transaction Protocol, RFC-1045) (Stanford) [was Stanford V Kernel, experimental]
+ 805C Stanford V Kernel, version 6.0
+ 805D Evans & Sutherland
+ 8060 Little Machines
+ 8062 Counterpoint Computers
+ 8065 University of Mass. at Amherst
+ 8066 University of Mass. at Amherst
+ 8067 Veeco Integrated Automation
+ 8068 General Dynamics
+ 8069 AT&T
+ 806A Autophon
+ 806C ComDesign
+ 806D Compugraphic Corporation
+ 806E-8077 Landmark Graphics Corporation
+ 807A Matra
+ 807B Dansk Data Elektronik
+ 807C Merit Internodal (or Univ of Michigan?)
+ 807D-807F Vitalink Communications
+ 8080 Vitalink TransLAN III Management
+ 8081-8083 Counterpoint Computers
     8088-808A Xyplex
+ 809B EtherTalk (AppleTalk over Ethernet)
+ 809C-809E Datability
+ 809F Spider Systems Ltd.
+ 80A3 Nixdorf Computers
+ 80A4-80B3 Siemens Gammasonics Inc.
+ 80C0-80C3 DCA (Digital Comm. Assoc.) Data Exchange Cluster
+ 80C6 Pacer Software
+ 80C7 Applitek Corporation
+ 80C8-80CC Intergraph Corporation
+ 80CD-80CE Harris Corporation
+ 80CF-80D2 Taylor Instrument
+ 80D3-80D4 Rosemount Corporation
     80D5 IBM SNA Services over Ethernet
+ 80DD Varian Associates
+ 80DE-80DF TRFS (Integrated Solutions Transparent Remote File System)
+ 80E0-80E3 Allen-Bradley
+ 80E4-80F0 Datability
+ 80F2 Retix
+ 80F3 AppleTalk Address Resolution Protocol (AARP)
+ 80F4-80F5 Kinetics
+ 80F7 Apollo Computer
+ 80FF-8103 Wellfleet Communications
     8107-8109 Symbolics Private
     812B Talaris
+ 8130 Waterloo Microsystems Inc.
+ 8131 VG Laboratory Systems
+ 8137 Novell (old) NetWare IPX (ECONFIG E option)
+ 8138 Novell, Inc.
+ 8139-813D KTI
     8145 Vrije Universiteit (NL) Amoeba 4 RPC (obsolete)
     8146 Vrije Universiteit (NL) FLIP (Fast Local Internet Protocol)
     8147 Vrije Universiteit (NL) [reserved]
     814C SNMP over Ethernet (see RFC1089)
     814F Technically Elite Concepts Network Professor
     8191 PowerLAN (a DOS PC LAN product) (?)
     817D XTP
     81D6 Lantastic
     8582 Kalpana
     8888 HP LanProbe test?
+ 9000 Loopback (Configuration Test Protocol)
     9001 3Com (Formerly Bridge Communications), XNS Systems Management
     9002 3Com (Formerly Bridge Communications), TCP/IP Systems Management
     9003 3Com (Formerly Bridge Communications), loopback detection
     AAAA DECNET? Used by VAX 6220 DEBNI
% FF00 BBN VITAL-LanBridge cache wakeups

* These protocols use Ethernet broadcast, where multicast would be preferable.
# BBN Butterfly Gateways also use 0800 for non-IP, with IP version field = 3.
% BBN Private Protocols, not registered
+ These protocols are mentioned by Xerox in their October 1988 issue of
  COURIER (page 8-9) as the publicly assigned numbers. Only vendors are
  listed by Xerox, not what protocols. For more information about type field
  assignments, contact: Pam DuPuy, Xerox Systems Instuture, (408)737-4652.
@ According to the October 1988 issue of COURIER (page 8), "if it is less
  than 600H, the packet is assumed to be an 802.3 packet; if it is greater
  than 600H, the packet is flagged as an Ethernet packet."
Vendor Addresses

Ethernet hardware addresses are 48 bits, expressed as 12 hexadecimal digits
(0-9, plus A-F, capitalized). These 12 hex digits consist of
the first/left 6 digits (which should match the vendor of the Ethernet interface
within the station) and the last/right 6 digits which specify the interface
serial number for that interface vendor.

Ethernet addresses might be written unhyphenated (e.g. 123456789ABC),
or with one hyphen (e.g. 123456-789ABC), but should be written hyphenated
by octets (e.g. 12-34-56-78-9A-BC).

These addresses are physical station addresses, not multicast nor
broadcast, so the second hex digit (reading from the left)
will be even, not odd.

At present, it is not clear how the IEEE assigns Ethernet block addresses.
Whether in blocks of 2**24 or 2**25, and whether multicasts are assigned
with that block or separately. A portion of the vendor block address
is reportedly assigned serially, with the other portion intentionally
assigned randomly. If there is a global algorithm for which addresses
are designated to be physical (in a chipset) versus logical
(assigned in software), or globally-assigned versus locally-assigned addresses,
some of the known addresses do not follow the scheme (e.g AA0003; 02xxxx).

000002 BBN (was internal usage only, no longer used)
00000C Cisco
00000E Fujitsu
00000F NeXT
000010 Hughes LAN Systems (formerly Sytek)
000011 Tektronix
000015 Datapoint Corporation
000018 Webster Computer Corporation Appletalk/Ethernet Gateway
00001A AMD (?)
00001B Novell >> now Eagle Technology
00001D Cabletron
000020 DIAB (Data Intdustrier AB)
000021 SC&C
000022 Visual Technology
000023 ABB Automation AB, Dept. Q
000029 IMC
00002A TRW
00003C Auspex
00003D AT&T
000044 Castelle
000046 ISC-Bunker Ramo, An Olivetti Company
000049 Apricot Ltd.
00004B APT A.P.T. Appletalk WAN router
00004F Logicraft 386-Ware P.C. Emulator
000051 Hob Electronic Gmbh & Co. KG
000052 ODS
000055 AT&T
00005A SK (Schneider & Koch in Europe and Syskonnect outside of Europe)
00005A Xerox 806 (unregistered)
00005D RCE
00005E U.S. Department of Defense (IANA)
00005F Sumitomo (?)
000061 Gateway Communications
000062 Honeywell
000065 Network General
000069 Silicon Graphics(?)
00006B MIPS
00006E Artisoft, Inc.
000077 Interphase [Used in other systems, e.g. MIPS, Motorola]
000078 Labtam Australia
000079 Net Ware (?)
00007A Ardent
00007B Research Machines
00007D Cray Research Superservers,Inc [Also Harris (3M) (old)]
00007F Linotronic
000080 Dowty Network Services [Also shows as "Harris (3M) (new)" and/or "Imagen(?)" elsewhere]
000081 Synoptics
000084 Aquila (?), ADI Systems Inc.(?)
000086 Gateway Communications Inc. (also Megahertz Corporation?)
000089 Cayman Systems Gatorbox
00008A Datahouse Information Systems
00008E Jupiter(?), Solbourne(?)
000093 Proteon
000094 Asante MAC
000095 Sony/Tektronix
000097 Epoch
000098 Cross Com
00009F Ameristar Technology
0000A0 Sanyo Electronics
0000A2 Wellfleet
0000A3 Network Application Technology (NAT)
0000A4 Acorn
0000A5 Compatible Systems Corporation
0000A6 Network General (internal assignment, not for products)
0000A7 Network Computing Devices (NCD) X-terminals
0000A8 Stratus Computer, Inc.
0000A9 Network Systems
0000AA Xerox Xerox machines
0000AC Apollo
0000AF Nuclear Data Acquisition Interface Modules (AIM)
0000B0 RND (RAD Network Devices)
0000B1 Alpha Microsystems Inc.
0000B3 CIMLinc
0000B4 Edimax
0000B5 Datability Terminal Servers
0000B7 Dove Fastnet
0000BB TRI-DATA Systems Inc. Netway products, 3274 emulators
0000BC Allen-Bradley
0000C0 Western Digital now SMC (Std. Microsystems Corp.)
0000C6 HP Intelligent Networks Operation (formerly Eon Systems)
0000C8 Altos
0000C9 Emulex Terminal Servers
0000CC Densan Co., Ltd.
0000D0 Develcon Electronics, Ltd.
0000D1 Adaptec, Inc. "Nodem" product
0000D3 Wang Labs
0000D4 PureData
0000D7 Dartmouth College (NED Router)
0000D8 old Novell NE1000's ~<=1987 ? (maybe also 3Com?)
0000DD Gould
0000DE Unigraph
0000E2 Acer Counterpoint
0000E3 Integrated Micro Products Ltd
0000E6 Aptor Produits De Comm Indust
0000E8 Accton Technology Corporation
0000E9 ISICAD, Inc.
0000ED April
0000EE Network Designers Limited(?)
0000EF Alantec
0000F0 Samsung
0000F3 Gandalf Data Ltd. - Canada
0000F4 Allied Telesis, Inc.
0000F6 A.M.C. (Applied Microsystems Corp.)
0000F8 DEC (?)
0000FD High Level Hardware (Orion, UK)
000102 BBN (Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.) internal usage (not registered)
000143 IEEE 802
000163 NDC (National Datacomm Corporation)
000168 W&G (Wandel & Goltermann)
0001C8 Thomas Conrad Corp.
000852 Technically Elite Concepts
000855 Fermilab
001700 Kabel
004088 Mobuis NuBus (Mac) combination video/EtherTalk
00400B Crescendo (?)
00400C General Micro Systems, Inc.
00400D LANNET Data Communications
004010 Sonic Mac Ethernet interfaces
004014 Comsoft Gmbh
004015 Ascom (?)
00401F Colorgraph Ltd
004027 Sigma (?)
00402A Canoga-Perkins
00402B TriGem
00402F XDI (?)
004030 GK Computer
004033 Addtron Technology Co., Ltd.
00403C Forks, Inc.
004041 Fujikura Ltd.
00404C Hypertec Pty Ltd.
004050 Ironics, Incorporated
00405B Funasset Limited
004066 Hitachi Cable, Ltd.
004068 Extended Systems
00406E Corollary, Inc.
004074 Cable and Wireless
004076 AMP Incorporated
00407F Agema Infrared Systems AB
00408C Axis Communications AB
00408E CXR/Digilog
004092 ASP Computer Products, Inc.
004095 Eagle Technologies
00409D DigiBoard Ethernet-ISDN bridges
00409E Concurrent Technologies Ltd.
0040A6 Cray Research Inc.
0040AE Delta Controls, Inc.
0040B4 3COM K.K.
0040B6 Computerm Corporation
0040C1 Bizerba-Werke Wilheim Kraut
0040C2 Applied Computing Devices
0040C3 Fischer and Porter Co.
0040C5 Micom Communications Corp.
0040C6 Fibernet Research, Inc.
0040C8 Milan Technology Corp.
0040D4 Gage Talker Corp.
0040DF Digalog Systems, Inc.
0040E7 Arnos Instruments & Computer
0040E9 Accord Systems, Inc.
0040F1 Chuo Electronics Co., Ltd.
0040F4 Cameo Communications, Inc.
0040F9 Combinet
0040FB Cascade Communications Corp.
00608C 3Com (1990 onwards)
008004 Antlow Computers, Ltd.
008005 Cactus Computer Inc.
008006 Compuadd Corporation
008007 Dlog NC-Systeme
00800F SMC (Standard Microsystem Corp.)
008010 Commodore
008017 PFU
008019 Dayna Communications "Etherprint" product
00801A Bell Atlantic
00801B Kodiak Technology
008021 Newbridge Networks Corporation
008023 Integrated Business Networks
008024 Kalpana
008029 Microdyne Corporation
00802D Xylogics, Inc. Annex terminal servers
00802E Plexcom, Inc.
008033 Formation (?)
008034 SMT-Goupil
008035 Technology Works
008037 Ericsson Business Comm.
008038 Data Research & Applications
00803B APT Communications, Inc.
00803E Synernetics
00803F Hyundai Electronics
008042 Force Computers
00804C Contec Co., Ltd.
00804D Cyclone Microsystems, Inc.
008051 ADC Fibermux
008052 Network Professor
00805B Condor Systems, Inc.
00805C Agilis(?)
008060 Network Interface Corporation
008062 Interface Co.
008069 Computone Systems
00806A ERI (Empac Research Inc.)
00806C Cegelec Projects Ltd
00806D Century Systems Corp.
008074 Fisher Controls
00807B Artel Communications Corp.
00807C FiberCom
008086 Computer Generation Inc.
008087 Okidata
00808A Summit (?)
00808B Dacoll Limited
00808C Frontier Software Development
008092 Japan Computer Industry, Inc.
008096 HDS (Human Designed Systems) X terminals
00809D Datacraft Manufactur'g Pty Ltd
00809F Alcatel Business Systems
0080A1 Microtest
0080A3 Lantronix
0080AD Telebit
0080AE Hughes Network Systems
0080AF Allumer Co., Ltd.
0080B2 NET (Network Equipment Technologies)
0080C0 Penril (?)
0080C2 IEEE 802.1 Committee
0080C7 Xircom, Inc.
0080C8 D-Link (also Solectek Pocket Adapters)
0080C9 Alberta Microelectronic Centre
0080CE Broadcast Television Systems
0080D0 Computer Products International
0080D3 Shiva Appletalk-Ethernet interface
0080D4 Chase Limited
0080D6 Apple Mac Portable(?)
0080D7 Fantum Electronics
0080D8 Network Peripherals
0080DA Bruel & Kjaer
0080E3 Coral (?)
0080F1 Opus
0080F7 Zenith Communications Products
0080FB BVM Limited
00AA00 Intel
00B0D0 Computer Products International
00C001 Diatek Patient Managment
00C004 Japan Business Computer Co.Ltd
00C016 Electronic Theatre Controls
00C01A Corometrics Medical Systems
00C01C Interlink Communications Ltd.
00C01D Grand Junction Networks, Inc.
00C020 Arco Electronic, Control Ltd.
00C024 Eden Sistemas De Computacao SA
00C025 Dataproducts Corporation
00C027 Cipher Systems, Inc.
00C028 Jasco Corporation
00C02B Gerloff Gesellschaft Fur
00C02C Centrum Communications, Inc.
00C02D Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.
00C030 Integrated Engineering B. V.
00C031 Design Research Systems, Inc.
00C032 I-Cubed Limited
00C034 Dale Computer Corporation
00C040 ECCI
00C042 Datalux Corp.
00C044 Emcom Corporation
00C048 Bay Technical Associates
00C04E Comtrol Corporation
00C051 Advanced Integration Research
00C05C Elonex PLC
00C066 Docupoint, Inc.
00C06D Boca Research, Inc.
00C071 Areanex Communications, Inc.
00C078 Computer Systems Engineering
00C091 Jabil Circuit, Inc.
00C093 Alta Research Corp.
00C097 Archipel SA
00C098 Chuntex Electronic Co., Ltd.
00C09D Distributed Systems Int'l, Inc
00C0A0 Advance Micro Research, Inc.
00C0A2 Intermedium A/S
00C0A8 GVC Corporation
00C0AC Gambit Computer Communications
00C0AD Computer Communication Systems
00C0B0 GCC Technologies,Inc.
00C0B8 Fraser's Hill Ltd.
00C0BD Inex Technologies, Inc.
00C0BE Alcatel - Sel
00C0C2 Infinite Networks Ltd.
00C0C4 Computer Operational
00C0CA Alfa, Inc.
00C0CB Control Technology Corporation
00C0D1 Comtree Technology Corporation
00C0D6 J1 Systems, Inc.
00C0DC EOS Technologies, Inc.
00C0E2 Calcomp, Inc.
00C0E7 Fiberdata AB
00C0EA Array Technology Ltd.
00C0EC Dauphin Technology
00C0EF Abit Corporation
00C0F4 Interlink System Co., Ltd.
00C0F6 Celan Technology Inc.
00C0F7 Engage Communication, Inc.
00C0F8 About Computing Inc.
00C0FB Advanced Technology Labs
00DD00 Ungermann-Bass IBM RT
00DD01 Ungermann-Bass
00DD08 Ungermann-Bass
020406 BBN (Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.) internal usage (not registered)
020701 MICOM/Interlan DEC (UNIBUS or QBUS), Apollo, Cisco
026060 3Com
026086 Satelcom MegaPac (UK)
02608C 3Com IBM PC; Imagen; Valid; Cisco; Macintosh
02CF1F CMC Masscomp; Silicon Graphics; Prime EXL
02E6D3 BTI (Bus-Tech, Inc.) IBM Mainframes
080001 Computer Vision
080002 3Com (formerly Bridge)
080003 ACC (Advanced Computer Communications)
080005 Symbolics Symbolics LISP machines
080006 Siemens Nixdorf PC clone
080007 Apple
080008 BBN (Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.)
080009 Hewlett-Packard
08000A Nestar Systems
08000B Unisys
08000D ICL (International Computers, Ltd.)
08000E NCR/AT&T
08000F SMC (Standard Microsystems Corp.)
080010 AT&T [misrepresentation of 800010?]
080011 Tektronix, Inc.
080014 Excelan BBN Butterfly, Masscomp, Silicon Graphics
080017 NSC (Network System Corp.)
08001A Tiara? (used to have Data General)
08001B Data General
08001E Apollo
08001F Sharp
080020 Sun
080022 NBI (Nothing But Initials)
080023 Matsushita Denso
080025 CDC
080026 Norsk Data (Nord)
080027 PCS Computer Systems GmbH
080028 TI Explorer
08002B DEC
08002E Metaphor
08002F Prime Computer Prime 50-Series LHC300
080030 CERN
080036 Intergraph CAE stations
080037 Fujitsu-Xerox
080038 Bull
080039 Spider Systems
08003B Torus Systems
08003E Motorola VME bus processor modules
080041 DCA (Digital Comm. Assoc.)
080044 DSI (DAVID Systems, Inc.)
080045 ???? (maybe Xylogics, but they claim not to know this number)
080046 Sony
080047 Sequent
080048 Eurotherm Gauging Systems
080049 Univation
08004C Encore
08004E BICC
080051 Experdata
080056 Stanford University
080057 Evans & Sutherland (?)
080058 ??? DECsystem-20
08005A IBM
080067 Comdesign
080068 Ridge
080069 Silicon Graphics
08006A ATTst (?)
08006E Excelan
080070 Mitsubishi
080074 Casio
080075 DDE (Danish Data Elektronik A/S)
080077 TSL (now Retix)
080079 Silicon Graphics
08007C Vitalink TransLAN III
080080 XIOS
080081 Crosfield Electronics
080083 Seiko Denshi
080086 Imagen/QMS
080087 Xyplex terminal servers
080089 Kinetics AppleTalk-Ethernet interface
08008B Pyramid
08008D XyVision XyVision machines
08008E Tandem / Solbourne Computer ?
08008F Chipcom Corp.
080090 Retix, Inc. Bridges
10005A IBM
1000D4 DEC
1000E0 Apple A/UX (modified addresses for licensing)
400003 Net Ware (?)
444649 DFI (Diamond Flower Industries)
475443 GTC (Not registered!) (This number is a multicast!)
484453 HDS ???
800010 AT&T [misrepresented as 080010? One source claims this is correct]
80AD00 CNET Technology Inc.
AA0000 DEC obsolete
AA0001 DEC obsolete
AA0002 DEC obsolete
AA0003 DEC Global physical address for some DEC machines
AA0004 DEC Local logical address for systems running DECNET
C00000 Western Digital (may be reversed 00 00 C0?)
EC1000 Enance Source Co., Ltd. PC clones(?)
Ethernet Multicast (including Broadcast) Addresses and uses

Ethernet Type
Address Field Usage

Multicast Addresses:

01-00-1D-00-00-00 -802- Cabletron PC-OV PC discover (on demand)
01-00-1D-42-00-00 -802- Cabletron PC-OV Bridge discover (on demand)
01-00-1D-52-00-00 -802- Cabletron PC-OV MMAC discover (on demand)
01-00-5E-00-00-00 0800 DoD Internet Multicast (RFC-1112)
01-00-5E-80-00-00 ???? DoD Internet reserved by IANA
01-00-81-00-00-02 ???? Synoptics Network Management
01-80-C2-00-00-00 -802- Spanning tree (for bridges)
01-80-C2-00-00-01 -802- 802.1 alternate Spanning multicast
01-80-C2-00-00-10 -802- Bridge Management
01-80-C2-00-00-11 -802- Load Server
01-80-C2-00-00-12 -802- Loadable Device
01-80-C2-00-00-14 -802- OSI Route level 1 (within area) IS hello?
01-80-C2-00-00-15 -802- OSI Route level 2 (between area) IS hello?
01-80-C2-00-01-00 -802- FDDI RMT Directed Beacon
01-80-C2-00-01-10 -802- FDDI status report frame
01-80-24-00-00-00 8582 Kalpana Etherswitch every 60 seconds
01-DD-00-FF-FF-FF 7002 Ungermann-Bass boot-me requests
01-DD-01-00-00-00 7005 Ungermann-Bass Spanning Tree
03-00-00-00-00-10 80D5 (OS/2 1.3 EE + Communications Manager)
03-00-00-00-00-40 80D5 (OS/2 1.3 EE + Communications Manager)
09-00-02-04-00-01? 8080? Vitalink printer messages
09-00-02-04-00-02? 8080? Vitalink bridge management
09-00-07-00-00-00 -802- AppleTalk Zone multicast addresses
09-00-07-FF-FF-FF -802- AppleTalk broadcast address
09-00-09-00-00-01 8005 HP Probe
09-00-09-00-00-01 -802- HP Probe
09-00-09-00-00-04 8005? HP DTC
09-00-0D-XX-XX-XX -802- ICL Oslan Multicast
09-00-0D-02-00-00 ???? ICL Oslan Service discover only on boot
09-00-0D-02-0A-38 ???? ICL Oslan Service discover only on boot
09-00-0D-02-0A-39 ???? ICL Oslan Service discover only on boot
09-00-0D-02-0A-3C ???? ICL Oslan Service discover only on boot
09-00-0D-02-FF-FF ???? ICL Oslan Service discover only on boot
09-00-0D-09-00-00 ???? ICL Oslan Service discover as required
09-00-1E-00-00-00 8019? Apollo DOMAIN
09-00-26-01-00-01? 8038 Vitalink TransLAN bridge management
09-00-2B-00-00-00 6009? DEC MUMPS?
09-00-2B-00-00-01 8039 DEC DSM/DDP
09-00-2B-00-00-02 803B? DEC VAXELN?
09-00-2B-00-00-03 8038 DEC Lanbridge Traffic Monitor (LTM)
09-00-2B-00-00-04 ???? DEC MAP (or OSI?) End System Hello?
09-00-2B-00-00-05 ???? DEC MAP (or OSI?) Intermediate System Hello?
09-00-2B-00-00-06 803D? DEC CSMA/CD Encryption?
09-00-2B-00-00-07 8040? DEC NetBios Emulator?
09-00-2B-00-00-0F 6004 DEC Local Area Transport (LAT)
09-00-2B-00-00-1x ???? DEC Experimental
09-00-2B-01-00-00 8038 DEC LanBridge Copy packets (All bridges)
09-00-2B-01-00-01 8038 DEC LanBridge Hello packets (All local bridges)
                                1 packet per second, sent by the
                                designated LanBridge
09-00-2B-02-00-00 ???? DEC DNA Level 2 Routing Layer routers?
09-00-2B-02-01-00 803C? DEC DNA Naming Service Advertisement?
09-00-2B-02-01-01 803C? DEC DNA Naming Service Solicitation?
09-00-2B-02-01-09 8048 DEC Availability Manager for Distributed Systems DECamds
09-00-2B-02-01-02 803E? DEC Distributed Time Service
09-00-2B-03-xx-xx ???? DEC default filtering by bridges?
09-00-2B-04-00-00 8041? DEC Local Area System Transport (LAST)?
09-00-2B-23-00-00 803A? DEC Argonaut Console?
09-00-39-00-70-00? ???? Spider Systems Bridge Hello packet?
09-00-4C-00-00-00 -802- BICC 802.1 management
09-00-4C-00-00-02 -802- BICC 802.1 management
09-00-4C-00-00-06 -802- BICC Local bridge STA 802.1(D) Rev6
09-00-4C-00-00-0C -802- BICC Remote bridge STA 802.1(D) Rev8
09-00-4C-00-00-0F -802- BICC Remote bridge ADAPTIVE ROUTING (e.g. to Retix)
09-00-4E-00-00-02? 8137? Novell IPX (BICC?)
09-00-56-00-00-00 ???? Stanford reserved
09-00-56-FF-00-00 805C Stanford V Kernel, version 6.0
09-00-77-00-00-00 -802- Retix Bridge Local Management System
09-00-77-00-00-01 -802- Retix spanning tree bridges
09-00-77-00-00-02 -802- Retix Bridge Adaptive routing
09-00-7C-01-00-01 ???? Vitalink DLS Multicast
09-00-7C-01-00-03 ???? Vitalink DLS Inlink
09-00-7C-01-00-04 ???? Vitalink DLS and non DLS Multicast
09-00-7C-02-00-05 8080? Vitalink diagnostics
09-00-7C-05-00-01 8080? Vitalink gateway?
09-00-7C-05-00-02 ???? Vitalink Network Validation Message
09-00-87-80-FF-FF 0889 Xyplex Terminal Servers
09-00-87-90-FF-FF 0889 Xyplex Terminal Servers
0D-1E-15-BA-DD-06 ???? HP
AB-00-00-01-00-00 6001 DEC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP)
                                Dump/Load Assistance
AB-00-00-02-00-00 6002 DEC Maintenance Operation Protocol (MOP)
                                Remote Console
                                1 System ID packet every 8-10 minutes, by every:
                                DEC LanBridge
                                DEC DEUNA interface
                                DEC DELUA interface
                                DEC DEQNA interface (in a certain mode)
AB-00-00-03-00-00 6003 DECNET Phase IV end node Hello packets
                                1 packet every 15 seconds, sent by each DECNET host
AB-00-00-04-00-00 6003 DECNET Phase IV Router Hello packets
                                1 packet every 15 seconds, sent by the DECNET router
AB-00-00-05-00-00 ???? Reserved DEC
AB-00-03-00-00-00 6004 DEC Local Area Transport (LAT) - old
AB-00-04-00-xx-xx ???? Reserved DEC customer private use
AB-00-04-01-xx-yy 6007 DEC Local Area VAX Cluster groups
                                System Communication Architecture (SCA)
C0-00-00-00-00-01 -802- Active Monitor
C0-00-00-00-00-02 -802- Ring Parameter Monitor
C0-00-00-00-00-04 -802- Network Server Heartbeat
C0-00-00-00-00-08 -802- Ring Error Monitor
C0-00-00-00-00-10 -802- Configuration Report Server
C0-00-00-00-00-20 -802- Synchronous Bandwidth Manager
C0-00-00-00-00-40 -802- Locate - Directory Server
C0-00-00-00-00-80 -802- NETBIOS
C0-00-00-00-01-00 -802- Bridge
C0-00-00-00-02-00 -802- IMPL Server
C0-00-00-00-04-00 -802- Ring Authorization Server
C0-00-00-00-08-00 -802- LAN Gateway
C0-00-00-00-10-00 -802- Ring Wiring Concentrator
C0-00-00-00-20-00 -802- LAN Manager
C0-00-00-00-80-00 -802-
   through user-defined
C0-00-40-00-00-00 -802-
CF-00-00-00-00-00 9000 Ethernet Configuration Test protocol (Loopback)
FF-FF-00-60-00-04 81D6 Lantastic
FF-FF-00-40-00-01 81D6 Lantastic
FF-FF-01-E0-00-04 81D6 Lantastic

Broadcast Address:

FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF 0600 XNS packets, Hello or gateway search?
                                6 packets every 15 seconds, per XNS station
FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF 0800 IP (e.g. RWHOD via UDP) as needed
FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF 0806 ARP (for IP and CHAOS) as needed
FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF 1600 VALID packets, Hello or gateway search?
                                1 packets every 30 seconds, per VALID station
FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF 8035 Reverse ARP
FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF 807C Merit Internodal (INP)
FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF 809B EtherTalk
FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF 9001 3Com (ex Bridge) Name Service
FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF 9002 3Com PCS/TCP Hello, Approx. 1 per minute per w/s

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