SUMMARY: multiprocessing on Solaris 2.3 (& 4.1.3?)

From: Joseph Foy (
Date: Thu Jun 02 1994 - 13:19:48 CDT

Thanks to all who responded to my question about assigning "jobs" to
a specific processor on a dual-CPU SPARC (10 or 20).

Specific thanks to:

Swee-Chuan Khoo - System Administrator
NS Melaka, Malaysia

Mike Raffety - Swiss Bank Corporation

Lewis E. Wolfgang at

On 2.3:

I think it can be done with the thread libraries, but I'm not sure.

On 4.1.3:

No, you can't target any one processor for execution. But 4.1.3 does do MP!
We have been using it for years. You could call it coarse grained symetric
multiprocessing. Each processor is independent and equal, there is no "master".

There are plenty of good reasons to go to Solaris, we are waiting for 2.4, which
may be out in September or so. The MP in Solaris is fine-grained as far as the
kernel is concerned, thus should yield improved performance.

On either:

You cannot assign processors to processes in any Sun Unix. However, if
there are two active jobs, and two active processors, you'll find that
they both run pretty much continuously in those two processors.
original question:


1. In Solaris2.x, Does anyone have any advice about how to specifically schedule
   1 background job to run on the 1st processor of a 2-processor sparc10 or sparc20,
   and another background job to run on the 2nd processor?

2. Does anyone have any idea if the same thing can be done on a 2-processor system
   running SunOS 4.1.3? (Yes, I know that multiprocessing on 4.1.3 isn't
   specifically supported by SUN, I just need to know the scoop).

Thanks in advance for your replies to:

I will summarize...
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