SUMMARY: Korn shell for SunOS 4.1.3?

Date: Thu Jun 02 1994 - 19:23:26 CDT

To get the real ksh, you need to purchase the source from AT&T toolcjest
(estimated cost by someone was thought to be around $2000). There are three
public domain facsimiles of ksh that are available at your favorite ftp site.

1) bash, from the GNU tool set

2) pdksh, available on comp.sources

3) zsh, which was regarded by the responder as being the closest thing to the
real ksh (with some custom configuration).

                        (NOTE: beta version).

The feeling was that the public domain versions (bash, pdksh) are not very close
to the AT&T ksh. If you really want KSH, buy it from AT&T toolchest or upgrade
your Sun to Solaris 2 (ksh is included).

Thanks go to:
Mark Henderson <> - zsh info
Steve Hanson <>
Edward Resnick <>
Marty Leisner <>
Duane T. Mun <>
Michael Meystel <>

-------------------ORIGINAL QUESTION---------------------

Hello all...

Would someone please let me know where I can ftp a korn shell that will
work under Solaris 1.1.X (SunOS 4.1.3)? I have an old one that is not working
with some current versions of some applications that my users run. Let me know,
and as always, I will summarize...

Oleg Chaikovsky
Merisel, Inc.

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