SUMMARY: Solaris 2.2: Increasing the number of pts connections

From: George Wells (
Date: Thu Jun 02 1994 - 10:26:36 CDT

Thanks to all who replied to my original request. It turns out that the
answer _was_ in the FAQ, but I had misinterpreted the entry there as
referring only to "pty"s and not to "pts"s. Here was the request:

>I recently had a situation where the number of network users on our main
>server exceeded the number of available pts connections (48). I have
>looked high and low (in the Answerbooks, FAQ's, etc.) but cannot find
>anything on the subject of how to increase this value.
>Details: we are running Solaris 2.2; the machine is a SPARCserver 10/512
>with 64MB of memory. The problem is that the number of entries in
>/dev/pts is limited to 48 (0 .. 47), these are links to

The answer (one of many replies):

> From the comp.sys.sun FAQ, here is the procedure I used under solaris
> 2.3 to get above the 48 pts limit.
> 57) How do I increase the number of "pseudo" terminals(ptys) ?
> [stuff deleted]
> For SunOS5.x:
> In /etc/system, add the line:
> set pt_cnt=nnn -- nnn can have a value up to 255.
> touch /reconfigure
> and reboot using 'init 6'.

And it worked like a charm.

Many thanks to:

        Casper Dik <>
        Ric Anderson <ric@Artisoft.COM> (chaouch hassane)
        Aydin Edguer <edguer@MorningStar.Com>
        Danny.Mispelters@Belgium.Sun.COM (Danny Mispelters)
        Brad Burdick <> (Lori Colleran) (Administrador do Sistema)
        Linda Cygan <> (Hermida) (Edsel Adap)

George Wells.

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