SUMMARY : Backup / Restore software

Date: Wed Jun 01 1994 - 12:13:26 CDT

Sun Managers

Wow that was quick. I have received the solution to the problem plus some
recommendations for packages to purchase or get from the public domain, all
within an hour of sending the original note.

The stty error was from an extra line somebody (might have been me) had tacked
onto the end of the /.cshrc on the remote host - stty erase. I put this in the
if ($?prompt) section which already existed and off it went, no problems.
The package recommendation from the public domain was AMANDA which I am
currently building although I will use the rsh / rdump method until I get time
to try AMANDA. There were a number of recommendations in the 'pay yer money'
section and the most popular was Budtool followed by Legato Networker. Others
mentioned were :- Dallas Tools, Alexandria and Epoch.

Thanks very much for taking the time to answer.
Andrew Edwards
Rank Xerox Technical Centre
Welwyn Garden City

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