Summary: cm problems with Solaris 2.3

From: Ken Fox (
Date: Fri Jun 03 1994 - 12:26:21 CDT

Alright! I've finally gotten the fix to my cm problem. Here's the
original problem:

> (1) I can't insert into my own calendar anymore. Also, new users can't
> create a calendar. This is with the calendar manager that comes
> with OpenWindows 3.3 (the X11R5 based one that comes standard with
> Solaris 2.3) cm gives me this really useless little popup box telling
> them an error occured when creating their calendar. Permissions on
> /usr/spool/calendar are 777 with directory sticky bit set.

The fix is to apply patch #101513. I applied 101513-01, but there is
a very new (released end of April) patch 101513-02 that obsoletes it. The
cause of my problem was some bad interaction between cm, DNS, and using
fully qualified hostnames.

Many thanks to those who responded, especially (Jay G.
Williamson) and (Mark Day) who suggested the patch.

- Ken

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