Re: SUMMARY: Sun's Online:DiskSuite for News spool - configuration?

From: Ian Dickinson (
Date: Wed Jun 01 1994 - 10:40:09 CDT

In article <2sggms$>, (Per Hedeland) writes:
>About a week ago, I wrote asking about the above subject - since I think
>I got some good advice, and a couple of metoo's, here is a short summary.
>Basically, the issue was how to configure ODS to get the most performace
>improvement out of using two disks instead of one for spool.

Good summary IMHO.

We have a similar setup (Sun SS690/120, SunOS 4.1.3, IPI drives).
We didn't really experiment, since we were expanding a running filesystem,
and didn't want any downtime to speak of. So we just expanded and concatenated
over 2 IPI drives on seperate controllers, and didn't bother with any heavy
experimentation. It works nicely, though the biggest performance boost we
found was using a PrestoServe card in the same machine. But ODS is definately
a nice way of having large spool partitions without having to resort to
symbolic links or buying larger disks. Since it's to be bundled with
Solaris 2.4 (and we're moving that way quickly now), we'll happily stick
with ODS.


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