Summary: Solaris 2.3 rlogin and cm problems

From: Ken Fox (
Date: Wed Jun 01 1994 - 09:30:48 CDT

Thanks to everyone who responded to my problem. Unfortunately, none of the
suggestions worked. I did manage to figure out what was causing one of my
problems though.

My original post:

> I've just upgraded to Solaris 2.3 from SunOS 4.1.3. Things seem to
> be working ok except for a few problems:
> (1) I can't insert into my own calendar anymore. Also, new users can't
> create a calendar. This is with the calendar manager that comes
> with OpenWindows 3.3 (the X11R5 based one that comes standard with
> Solaris 2.3) cm gives me this really useless little popup box telling
> them an error occured when creating their calendar. Permissions on
> /usr/spool/calendar are 777 with directory sticky bit set.
> (2) Other machines aren't permitted to rlogin to my machine as root, even
> though I have an entry in /.rhosts for them. Normal users can rlogin
> without trouble. We have other Solaris and SunOS machines that allow
> my machine to rlogin in to them --- I can't find any obvious differences.

The cause of problem (2) was that I had made root's home directory "/root"
instead of "/". Why this caused a problem in rlogin I don't know. The idea
of "/root" as root's home I picked up from BSDI's BSD/386 [a great *little*
operating system by the way]. This is a simple way to get all of the root
user's crap out of "/" --- things like .profile, .login, mbox, any X stuff,
etc. I sure would like to keep "/root" as the home directory for root.
Sun! Are you listening? ;-) (actually, I'm going to file a bug report on

Here's a summary of all the suggestions that were mailed to me.

On problem (1):

From: (Anne Nolan)

> I just encountered a similar problem on my system. It magically went away when
> I remembered to fix the permissions on /tmp/.removable (chmod 777). I don't
> understand it, but it fixed the problem. (In my case, I was going from Solaris 2.2 to
> Solaris 2.3, and calendar manager would not read stuff
> in a user's restored calendar file. He could add new stuff, but it would ignore
> the old stuff.)
> Another stray thought--the formats for calendar files changed from SunOS 4.1.3 to
> Solaris 2.3--your old calendar files will have to be either redone, or manually
> changed. Once you can create new entries, you'll see what the format differences are
> --they're not huge, but annoying.

I don't understand it either. I don't even *have* a /tmp/.removable! The
cm file format doesn't seem to be a problem --- it can read the old calendar
file just fine. The file format is "Version: 1". The cm itself is version 3.3.

From: rcorder1@tc1204 (Ricky D. Corder)

> I had the same problem with the calendar manager, however,
> I'm not sure what fixed it. It just started working one day.

I'd sure like this to happen... ;-)

On problem (2):

From: Thomas.Maslen@Eng.Sun.COM (Thomas Maslen)
From: (David Perry)
From: rcorder1@tc1204 (Ricky D. Corder)

> Comment out the "CONSOLE=" entry in /etc/default/login

It *is* commented out! The FAQ says it should be... and I can read, right?
I should have told everyone that I already tried this. Good thing I have a
thick ;-)

From: Jim Davis <>

> Pick up the comp.unix.solaris FAQ. It has the answer to that
> question, and a lot of good stuff in general.

From: Doug Gwyn (ACISD/MCSB) <gwyn@ARL.MIL>

> There are numerous bugs in all of Sun's software products, including
> Solaris 2.3. Fortunately, you should be covered by warranty if you
> just upgraded and thus should be given access to Sun's FTP patch
> server, from which you can retrieve an archive containing all the
> recommended patches for Solaris 2.3 as well as additional patches,
> one of which fixes problems with the calendar manager. Fetch the
> text file "Solaris2.3.PatchReport" or the even more thorough
> "PatchSummary". "2.3_Recommended.README" describes what the
> recommended-patch archive contains.
> To gain access to the "Sunsolve" patch server, contact your Sun
> customer representative..

I've applied a bunch of patches that our divisional system admins say work
well together. I assume that they are repeating what the local Sun people
said. The trouble I have with applying patches is that I keep reading about
how Sun doesn't support them, won't guarantee that they work, etc. This is
a little scary as I don't want to end up with an machine more unstable than
what I started with...


I'm still in the dark as to what could be the cause of the calendar manager
problem... I'm about ready to go back to paper <ack!> If anybody has *any*
idea as to what could be going wrong, I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks in advance,

- Ken

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