SUMMARY: Can suns use ieee802.3?

From: Brett Lymn (
Date: Mon May 30 1994 - 03:41:47 CDT

Quite a while ago I wrote:

>I have a user here that needs and urgent solution to a problem (don't
>they all???). He is trying to communicate with a bit of equipment
>that only speaks the true ieee802.3 ethernet protocol - not the
>ethernet dialect that sun speaks (which, he assures me, is the Xerox
>DIX format). What I need to know is can the Sun be made to speak
>ieee802.3? I have RTFM and spelunked around the fs - I found some
>vague pointers and some header files but no real info. So, can it be
>System: 4.1.3 on a Sun SparcStation 2

I have conflicting information now. My user managed to get hold of
someone in the networking group at Sun who told him that Suns only
speak DIX (Xerox style ethernet) an will not speak ieee802.3. BUT I
got this reply:

From: (Raymond Trzaska)

yes suns Can use ieee802.3,
although I suspect that Sunlink-OSI is probably over the top
for your requirements.

Thanks Ray!

My users are now grumbling about having to change their network code.

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