SUMMARY: Hayes 28.8 modem with Sol2.3

From: Ted Barlow Radiology Research (
Date: Fri May 27 1994 - 23:25:30 CDT

Hello Sun-Managers:
I recently asked:
> Hello Sun-managers,
> I have a Sparc10-512 running Sol2.3 and I need to attach a hayes 28.8kbps
> optima Smartmodem. I have read the "fine" Solaris Advanced Admin Guide
> concerning setting up modems, and the default settings for a bidirectional
> modem do not seem to work. I am able to dial out, but not receive. I also
> read the nice modem FAQ and followed it to the letter, but no luck. If
> anyone has experience with this particular configuration and modem, I would
> appreciate the settings. I need to get this online as soon as possible.
> Thanx,
> Ted
I received 3 responses:
 -one asking me to summarize
 -another sending me "Celeste's Guide to Terminals & Modems under Solaris 2.x"
 -and the third suggested that Admintool may have a bug when configuring ports

 Well I alluded to using the "Celeste's Guide..." in my original inquiry and
 that turned out to be the problem! In section B2 the first step is to:
        prompt# eeprom ttya-ignore-cd=true
        prompt# eeprom ttya-rts-dtr-off=true

 as I now understand, this command (eeprom ttya-rts-dtr-off=true) turns off
 the hardware flow control, which is wrong for my particular modem. In fact if
 I understand the mechanics, I'm not sure when you would want to disable the
 hardware flow control using a bidirectional modem.
 Anyway turning that back on (yikes! another reboot on a busy machine :) )
 and tweeking the internal modem settings and I can now dialin/out. If anyone
 else has the same config and wants to save time, I can send you the entire
 parameter list. As to the bug in Admintools modem setup, I followed the
 "Celeste's Guide..." instructions on setting the port by hand and that
 worked, so the issue remains unresolved.

 Again many thanks to the following:
 and especially:


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