SUMMARY: JumpStart work-around with CD-ROM

Date: Fri May 27 1994 - 21:37:50 CDT

     Hello Sun-Worshippers,
     I received my SS20/50 this week and when I attempted to load the
     Solaris 2.3 CD from JumpStart I got 'No local CD-ROM available' or
     something very similar to that. After performing a ok? probe-scsi-all
     it did indeed verify that I did have a Sun ROM drive at id 6!
     Perplexed I called support and lo and behold found out there is a bug
     in the JumpStart (ver. 1.1 was my installed version) with CD-ROM
     A simple ok? boot cd fixed the problem and I just ran the custom
     install and was fine after that.

     Making you aware of a potential 3am panic-attack ;)
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