SUMMARY: SUN Applewriter and 2.1.1 SunTranScript problem

From: V.Sander (
Date: Fri May 27 1994 - 14:47:18 CDT

Hallo SUN Managers,

my original question was:

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Hallo SUN Managers,

we use SunTranScript 2.1.1 (SUN OS 4.1.3)
for printing on an Apple Writer supplied by SUN.
This works fine till now. We are not able to print anything.
(power off/on does not help)

Analyzing the problem (by using system-call tracing) I recognize,
that the input filter first submits a "pagecount" postscript request
to the printer and reads fron the serial line the response.
But there is no response and therefore the read timed out.

Looking to the /var/spool/printer directory, there is an error-file
named: errsaPID
In this file, there are error messages like:
   psif: printer sync problem [1] (6 1 ]%%

Does anyone know what might have caused this problem and how to get
rid of it?

I checked the two modems of the serial line. Both have the carrier
light on and the Transmit and Receive LEDs on both modems flashes

Any suggestions?

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Many thanks to all who have responded. Most people thought of a baud-rate
problem. Other suggested to power off the printer for more than 1 minute,
because things would get flushed more properly.

Nothing helps. So I tried to get more information about the whole path
between the computer and the printer (including the modems) by using
tip or kermit.
    (tip /dev/ttyb) ----> All ports busy

Also wasn't able to connect via ttyb and responded with
     open /dev/ttyb failed: device busy

So I checked whether some process blocks the port, but fuser does not
give any answer. Using the PD package lsof I figured out a user process
reading from /dev/ttyb (grep -l -i .... /dev/ttyb)

Killing this process fixes the problem !!!!

Again, many thanks to all who have responded.

Volker Sander

    Volker Sander
    Central Institute for Applied Mathematics
    Research Center Juelich
    52425 Juelich

    Phone: (+49) 2461 / 61- 6586

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