SUMMARY: PCNFS vs. Solaris 2.3 DNS w/o NIS

From: Robert Lipe (
Date: Thu May 26 1994 - 11:11:47 CDT

Nickel summary of original post:

I have a number of PC's running PCNFS (ranging from 3.0 to 5.0). I
don't run NIS on UNIX, and have no real burning desires to do so.

Unfortunately, I don't see a way to configure PCNFS to query DNS
(and this is from our networking experts?), it appears to want to
query NIS.

From: "Stephen O. Berger" <>
  If you are running Solaris 2.3 you can set up NIS+ to do what you
  want. If you run rpc.nisd with -B -Y. -Y says put the server into
  NIS (YP) compatibility mode and respond to NOS version 2 requests. -B
  provides DNS forwarding for NIS host requests.

 (Stephen was also the first to tell me that PC-NFS 5.1 does this.
 Something my local sun rep is still trying to get more info
 on....Mr. Berger and I had several mail exchanges. He was quite

From: Syd Weinstein <>

  If you run NIS with the -b option it will do the DNS lookaside
  for you, but its easier to upgrade to 5.1 and do the DNS directly.

From: Carl Brewer <>

  I've got one box running as a YP server purely for the
  PC's running PC-NFS (stupid huh ...)

  Unlike their System V decision, sometimes Sun comes to
  their senses. The next version of PC-NFS (5.1) will
  support looking at a DNS server

Aggregate Summary:

If you want your PC's to be able to resolve host names, you
have two options:

1. Figure out enough NIS/NIS+ to satisfy them, even
   if you have no other reason to do so. (boooo, hissssss)

2. Get PCNFS 5.1. (I'd been looking for a reason to get
   everyone on the same version anyway....)

Thanx to all who replied.

Robert Lipe   Sr. Software Engr.   Arnet Corp.

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