Summary: Re: ok sync always yields panic: zero

From: Andre Hoekstra (
Date: Tue May 24 1994 - 02:37:19 CDT

Thanks to anyone who responded to my question, which was:

Q>To be on the safe side I then issue a 'sync' before anything
Q>else, although I am not sure if this is the best thing to do at
Q>that point.
Q>Anyway, I have never seen a sync complete normally at that point,
Q>I always immediately get a panic: zero.

I now know that that is normal behavior. The PROM monitor has no
knowledge about the kernel's disk buffers. The only way to do a
sync from within the monitor is to ask the kernel to do it for
you. Therefore, the kernel has a 'special entry point' the
'panic: zero'. This is not really an error, but merely a way to
say to the kernel: "sync, crash dump and reboot".

I wonder if this is explained in the manuals somewhere (it
probably is ;-)

Thanks again,


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