SUMMARY: How to set up Printer on Solaris2.3

From: Wolfgang Leideck (
Date: Thu May 26 1994 - 02:04:48 CDT

Many thanks for your responses. The solution was to change the
because the printers name is hp and of course there was a bug
in the second line ( :lp=.:\ ). It must be :lp=:\.

Here is my original question:

/---------- original ----------/
Hello Managers.
I hope this will be not a FAQ but i don't know how i can
set up a Sunos4.1.3 print client on Solaris5.3 print server.

This is my /etc/printcap file

After a lpr -Php ... command and lpq shows

server: lpd: lp: unknown printer
client: waiting for queue to be enabled on server

What can i do?
Thanks in advance and i will summarize
/---------- end original ----------/


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